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Champion Archer

Champion Archer is a fun-addicting shooting game kizi. You play an excellent archer and it's your job to battle enemy stickmen to restore the peace. Use your arrow and bow to shoot opposing fighters and try to stop them all before they can invade your territory.

Stick War

Stick War is an unusual strategy game kizi. You are the leader of a clan of stick peoples and struggle for dominance. To win the stick war you have to mine resources, build armies and to fight against other nations. No, you have to dominate them!

Fort Blaster

Blast enemy soldiers within their forts! Each level presents you with a fort containing soldiers, and gives you a limited number of cannonballs. Fire your cannonballs and exploit the weak spots of each fort to destroy every soldiers on your way! Can you collect the entire collection of trophies? 

Grenade Toss

Tired of criminals and bad guys around the world? Just blow them up in this fun and challenging Grenade Toss game! Aim precisely and throw those destructive little things as far as you need to get each one of the masked men. Try to pass every level with as less throws as possible.

Sponge Bob Carnival

Sponge Bob and friends would participate in the carnival. There are several games in the Carnival, for instance, take the ring, such as ... How to play the game before starting the game were made in the opening game dari information. Sponge with you and your friends to enjoy carnival games here. Have fun.

Bumper Car Madness

Bumper Car Madness: Get in your bumper car and let the madness begin! - Bumper Car Madness is one of our selected Other Games. Play for Free! Take the wheel of a bumper car and go head to head against three other drivers competing for tokens. Just make sure to pay the fare for the next round.

Cat Simulator

These sneaky little creatures are total experts in chaos and making a mess out of our homes. Yes, this kitty simulation game kizi is all about cats. Play this cute Cat Simulator and live a day as a feline destroying plates, vases, carpets, and much more stuff inside your home, at the park or even inside a supermarket. Every level has some given mission for your kitty to complete in order to earn 3 beautiful stars. Change your cat’s appearance and do whatever a cat would do. 

Helix Jump

Helix Jump is a fun kizi game of skill where you control how a ball bounces within a twisted net of levels formed within a vertical labyrinth. If you truly wish to put your skills to the test, within minutes you'll see the first levels within this kizi land game are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the complexity in some of these mind-boggling puzzles. 

Extreme Drift 2

Are you a racing fan? Do you want a crazy racing? Let's play Extreme Drift 2! It's a 3D racing game. Use the keyboard arrow to control your car, run as fast as you can. Win the champion to earn coins. You can use the money to buy a new car. There are many levels for you to unlock. Have fun!

Toy Car Simulator

You can explore the streets of this tiny town with tons of toy cars! Jump off ramps and collect coins while you blaze a few trails. Just do your best not to wreck them in this super sweet and super small racing game.

Car Simulator Arena

Do you want to drive crazily? Join in the driving kizi game Car Simulator Arena to show your car stunts. You can choose to roam mode or derby mode to play the kizi game. Drive skillfully to dodge other cars and try to challenge the obstacles in the arena.

Scrap Gl

Fasten your seatbelt and get ready for some awesome driving simulation video game. Drive a Ford Mustang and other sports cars in Scrap GL 2!

Ocean Drift Racing

Driving a speed boat is an exciting outdoor activity for water lovers everywhere. In this challenging racing game you can prove your skills at the Ocean Drift Racing. Drift your vessel around the liquid track in the shortest time and win to get the 1st place. Much fun!

Xpeed Unleashed

Free Xpeed Unleashed games for everybody! - Pick your pilot, rev your engines, and get ready for the intergalactic ride of your life! Here is a super cool racing kizi game Xpeed Unleashed for you to play. You can choose arcade, single mode or world challenge to play the game. Watch out the eletrical net and release the accelerate button to return the track. Race now!

Jet Ski Racing Challenge

Jet Ski Racing Challenge - click to play online kizi. Get ready for a new game called Jet Ski Racing Challenge will test your driving and racing skills on water. So if you are up for some adrenalin pumping waves then this is the perfect online jet ski racing games.

Happy Superman

Happy Superman is a 3D racing game kizi. The drivers are superman. Control your driver to have a race with other opponents. You can collect coins and use the pops to help you during the race. When you win the game, you can upgrade your drivers with your coins.

Angry Birds Race

Angry Birds Race is a Racing game on You can play Angry Birds Race in your browser for free. Angry Birds Race is a fun uphill racing kizi game that puts the Angry Birds against the Bad Piggies in a race to the finish line. Race and jump your way to victory and unlock many more levels!

Racing Circuit Fever

Are you a racing fan? Do you want a crazy racing? Let's play Racing Circuit Fever! It's a 3D racing game. Use the keyboard arrow to control your car, run as fast as you can. Win the champion to earn coins. You can use the money to buy a new car. There are many levels for you to unlock.

Traffic Slam 3

Welcome to this amazing 3D racing game on kizi! Build up speed and race as fast as you can when attempting to generate the maximum of damage. Use products to boost your crashing ability and pick up coins to shop upgrades for your car.

Russian Car Driver Hd

How is feeling driving a Russian car? You can find it in this game! Choose mode you like from drag racing, drifting, parking, rally and racing mode. It is more realistic! Complete all the levels and unlock all the achievements and finish first in every race!

Cyber Sprint

Cyber Sprint is a quick paced running kizi land game. Your mission is to run as far as you can when keeping away from randomly produced walls. This sprinter is not going to quit running, but he stops if he hit a wall. In this kizi online game you have to help the robot to escape from the laboratory. He cleared the memory and he had forgotten how to jump. - Your task is to help him by pressing the appropriate key guards before.

Kawai Run 2

Kawai Run returns. Mission of the second installment of the fun-addicting 2 player running game kizi is to keep your super athlete on running. You can jump or slide to overcome lots of dreadful traps and obstacles. Reach the finish line safely to earn experience and coins to upgrade your runner.

Cloud Wars: Sunny Day

Get ready for another battle in Cloud Wars: Sunny Day, the new installment to the addicting real time strategy kizi online game. Send out your brave troops of clouds to take over the sky. Whatever it takes you have to win this war. Have fun

Love Tester 3

Is he the one for me? Would she marry me? Put an end to all your doubts and start using the third version of the ultimate and precise Love Tester. Enter your name, and the name of the person of your dreams and let technologie do it's job. Warning: hearts might get broken and couples could get torn apart, but lots of beautiful love stories are going to start with this kizi land game.

CS Portable

A great Counter Strike game online. Vivid scenes, shocking sound effects with 3D perspectives. All of these combined together, bringing you great sensational excitement. Both Single mode and multiplayer mode are available. Whether to play by yourself or challenge with your friends, this is an amazing counter strike game kizi!

Nazi Zombie Army

In today’s game, you’ll have to kill everyone so that you get enough money to buy stronger weapons. Do whatever you need to to survive. Take great care though, since even the smallest of killers can get you. We believe that you’ll get through the game with relative ease.

Infiltrating the Airship

Can you choose wisely and help the stickman in this kizi game to accomplish his goals? Ralph the stickman is attempting to infiltrate a gigantic airship to capture the villainous Henry. You must use your intelligence to help him choose the correct course of action to ensure he succeeds.

Orion Sandbox 2

The second instalment of the amazing survival game Orion Sandbox is finally here. After your ship crashed on an unknown planet, you must survive by your own, out there in mysterious lands full of strange, weird creatures. Try to collect different resources like wood, stone, dirt or gold, and craft all kinds of stuff to make your survival a bit easier. You might need some tools, food, and, most important: weapons.

Idle Chopper

Idle Chopper is a superb game all about chopping trees! This is a fantastic idle game that you can play at your leisure – you can leave your computer and come back to the kizigame when you wish! You control a simple lumberjack and your job is to chop down as many trees as possible. You can chop any of the trees you want and you must click on them to cut them down.

I Want to Be A Billionaire

Are you dreaming of becoming richer than Richie Rich? Alright, here's your chance! Your objective in the idle game I Want to Be A Billionaire is to build and grow various businesses. Earn lots of money through your shops as you use upgrades to win more cash.

Bouncing Balls

Bouncing Balls is a classic bubble shooting game. Aim of the kizi game is to shoot the colored ball into groups of three or more of the same color to bounce them. Use your mouse to aim and click left mouse button to shoot a ball. These colorful balls are about to cause tons of problems as they slowly descend down the screen. Take control of the cannon and destroy them! Can you wipe them all out in this unique match 3 puzzle game?

Water Ragdoll 2

Welcome to Water Ragdoll 2, where you can experiment on a dumb stick figure as much as you like. The main goal in this torture kizigame is to mutilate the doll with different objects. Spend some time with your living victim and play with a ragdoll inside a room full of water! Create object and throw around, connect with ropes and have fun! This version includes a living ragdoll, bombs and black holes! It sounds cruel but it isn't' remember is just a rag-doll!

Raze 3

Are you brave enough to kill all the scary aliens? It's time for you to shine in Raze 3 - one of the best shooting game in Kizi land. The graphics and design of Raze 3 are extremely elaborated with a futuristic theme, which guarantees to satisfy even the toughest player. Take some time off and try out Raze 3 free now!

Gun Club Shooter

Prove to your friends that you are the best shooter by playing Kizi's latest game Gun Club Shooter online! In Gun Club Shooter game for kids, we will go back to the basic gameplay to enjoy the simplicity of it. Are you curious about the concept? Come and play Gun Club Shooter to experience the unique game now!

Kizi Kart Racing

Play the latest game with the one and only Kizi in Kizi Kart Racing online game! Kizi Kart Racing is a racing game with the cute characters and fun tournaments. Not only will you be able to race in the best terrain, but you can also compete against your friends. Don't miss out the chance to play Kizi Kart Racing now!

Planetarium 2

You are free to design your unique planetary system in Planetarium 2 online game thanks to its amazing and mesmerizing graphics. Planetarium 2 has gained the love of so many players. Let's get the chance to move around the universe and check out how our solar system works with Planetarium 2 for free!

Dogs Vs Homework

Lots of homework is waiting for you, but you are too lazy to do it. Why not let your dogs do it for you in Dogs Vs Homework free game? Join Dogs Vs Homework online to enjoy the best time with your lovely and adorable pets. Dogs Vs Homework is such a unique game, so don't forget to take some time off and check it out!

Ruthless Pandas

Prepare to become the Ruthless Pandas and fight to bring back the stolen crystals in this new Kizi game. Ruthless Pandas is definitely not a bad choice for the kids to play with their friends or for the adults to waste away the time. Are you ready to experience the unique gameplay of Ruthless Pandas free game now!

Red Ball 4 Vol 2

Show us your intelligence and flexibility in Red Ball 4 Vol.2 online game! Unlike the old games in this collection, Red Ball 4 Vol.2 is another fun game with many special updates and obstacles. In Red Ball 4 Vol.2 free game, you can enjoy the best graphics with the vivid scenery and cute characters. Try it out now!

Piggy In The Puddle 2

Let's come to Piggy In The Puddle 2 online in Kizi and help the pig to roll down and fall into the puddle! The pig is struggling to move due to his unusual shape, so you need to use the resources to push him in Piggy In The Puddle 2 free game. Piggy In The Puddle 2 will bring lots of memorable moment and fun playtime!

Bubble Shooter Saga 2

Blow up all the colorful bubbles in Bubble Shooter Saga 2 online game - the best method to de-stress after a tough day! Bubble Shooter Saga 2 has all the best features, along with insanely fun gameplay. There is no doubt that Bubble Shooter Saga 2 free is the perfect game for your kids. How many bubbles can you shoot?

Dawn Of The Sniper

Get your guns collection ready and shoot all the zombies in Dawn Of The Sniper online game in Kizi land! Dawn Of The Sniper is no doubt the chance for you to train your aiming skills and improve your eye-sight. If you like games with the dark theme and intense vibe, Dawn Of The Sniper free game is the one for you!

Trainyard Shootout

We need you and your shooting skills in Trainyard Shootout - the ultimate mission to gain back control of the trainyard in Kizi. Eliminating the terrorists is no easy task, so make sure to prepare properly for Trainyard Shootout game. Trainyard Shootout online game is one of the best choices nowadays. Try it out now!

Bad Piggies 2017

Build the strongest and fastest contraption to roll the Bad Piggies 2017 down the hills and collect all the coins! Bad Piggies 2017 are looking for the most talented engineer to help them in this Kizi game. Do you have the creative mind and the skills to come up with the best designs and help the Bad Piggies 2017?

Dino Run Enter Planet D

Run with the little dinosaurs to escape the damage range of the hot meteorites in Dino Run Enter Planet D! The way to survive is to locate the planet in Dino Run Enter Planet D online game and make sure that the dinosaur reaches its destination. Will you be able to win Dino Run Enter Planet D online game in Kizi land?

Call To Action

Get your machine gun and aim for the best shot in Call To Action online game - Kizi's latest action game for the best shooters. Call To Action has the 3D graphics with such the intense images so there's no doubt that it will satisfy the players. Only by staying focus can you win Call To Action and make it out alive!

Scrap Metal 3: Infernal Trap

You can explore the mountainsides or kick up tons of dust in the desert in this gorgeous 3D driving game: Scrap Metal 3: Infernal Trap free! Scrap Metal 3: Infernal Trap online is a new Kizi game for kids which has the most realistic map. If you enjoy cars games, Scrap Metal 3: Infernal Trap is the one for you!

Rich Cars 3

Start your engine for another thrilling game which takes place in a retro time. It's Rich Cars 3 - the third version! In Rich Cars 3 online, you will dive into a strange land filled with unusual items. Collect what you need to run away from the police cars in Kizi land! Will you be able to protect your Rich Cars 3?

Monsters' Wheels

Keep the steady hand on the Monsters' Wheels because you will need all the strength and the skills to win this Kizi game! Monsters' Wheel has the colorful graphics and lots of high-quality monster trucks. In Monsters' Wheel online, high speed and stunts are the most important elements. Will you be able to win the race? is one of the coolest io games in Kizi land that has the vivid images and such bright color palette. online must be the perfect choice for the fans of io games. You can enjoy this fun game with friends from all around the world. Spare some free time and try out to have the best playtime ever!

Crazysteve .io

Prepare yourself to run through the minefield in Crazysteve. io - Kizi's new io game. Players will have to do their best to protect themselves and stay out of the danger zone in Crazysteve. io free game. If you enjoy some games with the pixelated graphics, don't forget to check Crazysteve. io out for once!

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