Kizi new best flash games on our site for all who love play online Kizi games at If you are looking for different games to advance your Kizi, you may play driving, racing, action, puzzle and girls games here. Select a game Kizi on this website and play it now! Kizi. !

Breaking the Bank

Breaking the Bank is a stickman puzzle kizi game made by Puffballs United, just as Infiltrating The Airship and Fleeing The Complex. Find the best way to Break the Bank! Figure out how to get through the stone wall! Breaking the Bank puts you in control of a wily criminal. You can try to tunnel under the barrier, blast through it with TNT, or use a high-tech laser drill. Other potential solutions include a wrecking ball and magical teleporter! A very funny stick movie about a poor guy who just can't get it right. Very similar to the spy vs. spy animations. How do you think our hero should Break the Bank? Laser drill, disguise, explosion, wrecking ball, teleporter, or tunnel? Do you want to play more games like "Breaking the Bank"? Please visit

Penalty Fever 3D

Penalty Fever 3D, There's so many penalties that it's practically an epidemic. You know what to do though, right? Penalty Fever 3D World Cup is one of our selected Kizi Games. Score and save goals to win the World Cup trophy! You can play on any of 32 real teams. Choose your favorite country, and lead your teammates to victory. When playing on offense, you must aim carefully to score. Then, take turns blocking shots as the goalkeeper! It's time for some Penalty Fever, again! Guide your team to the World cup title in this frantic penalty shoot-out challenge. You will take shots, but you will also take a role of a goalkeeper. Timing and fast reflexes are crucial in both situations. Are you a fan of sport game? Don’t forget to rate and share the game. More similar awesome games are waiting for you at such as Ping Pong and Dunk Shot Online.  Have fun!

Thumb Fighter

Thumb Fighter is an awesome arcade kizi online game based on the traditional schoolyard game of thumb wars! This dual control 2 player title allows you to fight against your friends and family in intense and brutal thumb wars. Choose your thumb costume and prepare for battle! Have you ever played thumb fight against your friend? If you have played so, it will not be hard for you to play this game. In this game, you will control the one thumb and your friend control the other thumb. If you catch the thumb of your friend while he/she is attacking, you can decrease his/her health. If you catch the thumb of your friend, hold it for a while to give more damage. The one who finishes the opponent's health first, wins the game. All your opinions are heartily welcomed. We hope that you can share and rate our splendid games. Play more games such as Umbrella Falling Guy and Running Ninja at Have a nice time! Features Many awesome character models to be used 1 vs 1 fighting game Two rounds in a match Stamina bar which determines your damage Game controls: Player 1: Attack: "A" Player 2: Attack: "L" Have fun!

Princess Newborn Baby

Barbie Newborn Baby is a free girl game online at juegos kizi. You can play Barbie Newborn Baby in full-screen mode in your browser without any annoying ads In our palace are many beautiful princesses, smart and have spouses. One of princesses must give birth and we have to help a little because he does not feel well. We need to find someone to help her, give her everything she will ask and to transport the car to the hospital she should be delivered. We thought of you, because you have all the qualities needed to do this, and in this kizi free game you have to help the beautiful princess. 1) First you have to help her to eat, because you have to stay in bed and bring them food. 2) then you must make them because treatment is to give birth and be prepared. 3) have to go to hospital because he feels increasingly worse and doctors want to monitor. 4) after the baby was born, have to weigh and to play a little with him. 5) still have to go home and show him all the toys he has. 6) we have to put the baby to bed and tried to sleep. Today Alina goes shopping with her mother. They want to buy some swaddling clothes and dresses to her baby.But when they are walking in the supermarket,her feels that she is going to give birth to the baby. So her mother takes her to the nearest hospital which is a small private hospital.Now Alina is lying on the bed.No one can be allowed to accompany with her,she felt so alone and she is a little worried about the level of the doctors.Girls,I know you have learned some skills ,so it’s a good chance for you to help her using your skills. You can help her finish the operation soon. Girls,Alina is waiting for you,can you help her ?Come on! Thanks you agreed to help us in this kizi game because this princess could not handle alone. We need to help their child dress as the rest of the family has to come home and the child must be dressed up. If you want to look for more games as fun as this one, check out Anna Looking For Candy and Snow Po Seaside Holiday at Good luck!

Ping Pong

Play Ping Pong on kizi online games - Bounce the ball as many times as you can. How long can you go? Are you a ping pong master? Ping Pong is an arcade game really need your reaction, if you can response quickly, you can get a high score. The speed of ping pong will become faster and faster, have fun! Tell playmates about this game of Asses Oks it highly and let us know how you feel about it. Search the same games Dunk Shot Online and Dunk Line Game Instruction use mouse or tap screen to drag.

Umbrella Falling Guy

Umbrella Falling Guy is a Skill game 2 play online at online kizi. You can play Umbrella Falling Guyin full-screen mode in your browser for free without any ads Guys love risk, so they are arranged by mother nature. Our hero, Henry loves to experience fate and he has a dream - to become a paratrooper. It is known that landing forces often have to jump with a parachute. The boy still does not have such an opportunity, so he decided to use improvised means for training. He found a large umbrella in the closet and climbed onto the roof of the house. Desperate tomboy does not frighten the altitude, he does not hesitate to jump and soars in the air, held by the currents of the wind. Umbrella does not give him a stone to fall to the ground, but in the air is also full of obstacles. Manage the umbrella in the free kizi game Umbrella Falling Guy, so that Henry landed safely. This guy falling from the sky and his only tool can save his life is his umbrella! You need to change his position and make sure that he would not touch those dangerous things like birds, balloons and arrows. Collect stars and gifts to earn life. Is it attractive enough for you? If you want to explore more, you can play with this list of games like Running Ninja and SpongeBob Going To Work at Why don’t you try to play and give some comments?  Have fun! Game Instruction: use mouse or tap screen to drag the boy.

Anna Looking For Candy

Anna has a sweet tooth, but sweets are not so good for her, so Olaf has been hiding them all around the house. Can you help her find them all without being caught? There are a lot of types of candy, you have bars of chocolate, candy canes, pralines, cookies and even jaw breakers. Click on them when you see any, but make sure she doesn't get seen by Olaf. When you see him coming, hide behind the wardrobe by clicking your mouse on it and holding it for as long as Olaf is around. You should look for candy everywhere, including behind the fluffy teddy bear. The kizigame is simple as that and very entertaining. Anna will really enjoy all the candy she gets and don't worry, Olaf will not be too upset about it. It's all in good fun. Anna loves eatting candies very much, but Olaf thinks it's bad to her health, so he hide the candies in his room. Now Anna decides to find all of them and eat them! Help her looks for the candy! Share this game with friends and rate it at Comment on it and seek other games like Snow Po Seaside Holiday and Mermaid Princess Hand Doctor. Have a good time! Game Instruction mouse click or tap screen

Running Ninja

Running Ninja is a Skill game 2 play online at Kizi online. You can play Running Ninja in your browser for free. Help ninjago to collect as many coins as possible while running. Mouse click to jump and double clicks for super jump. Run, little ninja! Running is a basic skill for ninja, they need to run fast and avoid obstacles in the same time. Now this little ninja want to excise his running skill, help him run in this dark night. Have a good time! Talk to buddies about this game and rate it. Type reviews and leave them on the website. Discover great games such as SpongeBob Going To Work and Impossible Lite Dash at Game Instruction mouse click or tap screen to play.

Snow Po Seaside Holiday

Snow Po Seaside Holiday is a free girl game online at kizi juegos new. You can play Snow Po Seaside Holiday in full-screen mode in your browser without any ads. Olaf is a snowman that doesn't fear much and wants to take advantage of all aspects of life, so he has decided to go on holiday at the seaside. Go with him and help him unpack everything he got. He wants to do what other people are doing, like lie on the beach, but you'd better make sure he opens up his umbrella because the sun might melt him. Sunglasses and SPF lotion are a must for everyone, but especially for him. Then break a coconut and let him drink from it, because it's delicious, but also because he needs to keep himself hydrated. He also brought some lemonade with him for the same purposes. Then he can have some fun by burying himself in the sand, playing beach volleyball or go swimming or surfing in the sea. This snowman Olaf will take a seaside holiday, he prepared all things he needs and called the taxi. He reach the seaside and attracted by the beautiful scenery. Help him enjoy his holiday and take part in many activities.  If you have a soft spot for this game, rate it highly. Discover cool games such as Mermaid Princess Hand Doctor and Burger Now at Introduce them to your best friends. Make comments on our service. Have a great time! How to play? mouse click or tap screen to play

Traffic Command

Traffic Command is an interesting traffic control game, this kizi game for school needs your reaction and strategy, you need to click these trains to make them drive faster to avoid each other. There are 3 levels, see how many scores you can get. Take command of the traffic in the streets, redirecting cars, and telling them when it is okay to stop, and when it is okay to go. One big game of Red light green light keeps you on your feet in this addicting traffic driving game. Can you take care of a busy intersection? You have to control all of the street lights in your area and make sure that everyone is safe. If someone gets into an accident, you need to restart the level. Join our website to play more spectacular games such as Flow Free 2 and Water Mist Tic Tac Toe. We are pleased to receive your comments. If you have a liking for our games, rate them. Good luck! Have fun!   Game Instruction: Mouse click or tap screen to play

Bounzy Online

Bounzy Online is a Skill game 2 play online at Kizi online games. You can play Bounzy Online in full-screen mode in your browser for free without any annoying AD.  Oh, bad! A large number of enemies are coming! You need to destroy the enemies before they reach the wall. Tap and drag to left or right to aim, release to shoot.  These beasts have a knack for breaking through faulty barriers. Protect your town in this online Bounzy game! Bounzy Online is an addicting online bounce game, there are many challenges and cute monsters waiting for you. In this game, you need to kill those monsters and defend your castle in every level. If they break your wall, you will lose. So remember to upgrade your weapon and defense to become more powerful. Find other awesome games such as Stickman Archer Online 3 and Zombie Wars at If you are addicted to our games, please rate them highly. We are really grateful for receiving your feedback. Share the game with close friends to have fun together. Here we go! Have fun! Game Instruction: Use mouse to play.

SpongeBob Going To Work

We always love to come back to the Spongebob Games category on our website, where right now everyone is invited to check out the game called Spongebob Going to Work, which is a game unlike any other you might have played here in the past, we guarantee you that, which is exactly why we hope that none of you miss out on this opportunity, since it is a chance for you to have fun with one of the most beloved cartoon characters in the entire world.  SpongeBob is late for work and he has to run to get there in time. But he needs your help! There will be a lot of obstacles along the way, mostly friends that are trying to attract him toward other activities. Use your mouse and try to avoid them. Your goal is to make it for the longest time possible without being derailed. In the upper left corner of the screen you will be able to see the timer. Every time you lose you can your score compared to your best one. This is a very simple, fun and addicting game kizi play which you play and also challenge your friends so you can compare your scores with each other. Can you make it the longest? Will SpongeBob ever get to work? It is up to you to find out the answers to all these questions! SpongeBob is going to work, but there are so many obstacles on his road, he is very anxious, can you help him avoid these obstacles and reach his work place safely? Thanks for your help! Go and have fun with this game and a lot more at kizi such as Spongebob Gets Ingredients and Sponge Bob Falling Have an incredible time! Game Instruction: Mouse click or tap screen to play

Dunk Shot Online

Dunk Shot Online is an addiciting online basketball shooting game, your aim in this kizi land game is find a way to get highest score and be the winner! It doesn't mean you will get a better score if you shoot more balls into the basket, this really need some skills to get perfect points and bounce points. Dunk Shot is a fun addicting and really challenging basketball game by kizi. Your goal is to reach as high as possible throwing the ball from hoop to hoop without letting it fall down. Drag down the net for more power and set the right direction. For every hoop you will earn one point, if the ball falls down, your run will be over. Earn more points achieving perfect hoops, which means the ball doesn’t touch the rim, and even more for bouncing the ball on the walls. Collect stars to unlock new cool balls. We are glad to see your comments. Rate the game. Share it with your friends to invite them to play with you. Are you ready to play many marvelous games such as Dunk Line and American Football Challenge at Enjoy Dunk Shot Online! Game Instruction: Use mouse or tap screen to play

Stickman Archer Online 3

Stickman Archer Online 3 is a free game for girl to play online at kizi online games. You can play Stickman Archer Online 3 in your browser for free. This stickman always want to become an excellent archer, but he needs to take a lot of excise to realize his dream. Now he will start his adventure, help him to eliminate all his enemies and survive to the end. If you pass this excise, he will become the real ninja. Stickman Archer Online 3 is back! The same gameplay but more interersting tools to help you survive for longer time. In this kizi game you need to stand on a platform and shoot your enemies, collect falling items and be stronger. Find other awesome games such as Stickman Archer Online 2 and Stickman Archer Online 4 at If you are addicted to our games, please rate them highly. We are really grateful for receiving your feedback. Share the game with close friends to have fun together. Here we go! Have fun! Game Instruction: Use your mouse or tap screent to drag.

Impossible Lite Dash

Play Impossible Lite Dash online for free kizi! Do you want to try some games full of challenges? Impossible Lite Dash is such a game. This game will allow you to check your attentiveness and speed. You will play a small ball or square (depending on your choice), to bypass various obstacles that will come across on your way to stay alive and go as far as possible. Each subsequent level after passing the previous is much more complicated. Go through as many levels as possible - and then you will not be equal in this game. In this game you need to pass several levels, every level has many obstacles, you need to avoid all those obstacles and reach the end. Have fun! Play Free Online Version in your browser. Do you like the game? Share the game with your friends to challenge them. Rate it by giving stars and write your thought in the comment box. Play more girl games like The Floor Is Lava Online and Piggy Looking For The Sea Road at Have fun! Instruction mouse click or tap screen to play

Zombie Wars

Zombie Wars is a free girl game online at  shooting game kizi. You can play Zombie Wars in full-screen mode in your browser without any annoying AD. In this game all the things you need to do is kill zombies and protect your homeland as long as you can. You can shoot useful items to help your defend your place, don't be afriad, you can do the best! If you like tower defense games , this kizzi game is for you ! A game is classic addictive tower defense / defense TD, style game and a lot of features. You can build towers, you can use abilities(bombs and soldiers) and you can use hero ! 20 Over unique zombies in all levels ! Fight on beautifully and detailed designed islands. Command your army and kill the zombies. You can save the world. You need to stop the invasion ! Features -Epic zombie wars -Epic defense battles that will hook you for hours! -Fully cartoony graphics for children and normal ages -Modern towers and weaponary -20+ Unique Zombies -Each zombie has a special ability. (Sample: Big Zombie: Much health, Fast Zombie: Fast Speed -Total 24 fantastic and beautiful levels and maps -Total 6 Towers (Minigun,Laser,Sniper,Firegun,Icegun,Electro Tower) -All towers you can upgrade 1 - 5 Level -Hero system ! -Tower defense game system -You can command ground soldier -Shop system for good play -Very interesting,meaning and beautiful main map (Please look detailed) -Compatibility: all phone and tablets -Fantastic Zombie game Do you want to show your skills and style? Don’t forget to play more with some similar games such as Stickman Archer Online 2 and Pineapple Pen 2 at Good luck! How to play? Mouse click or tap screen to play

The Floor Is Lava Online

Play The Floor is Lava online in your computer. Tap left or right arrow keys to go as high as possible, while the lava floor raises to the top. The longer you survive, the better your score. The floor is lava and you can’t touch it or the skill game kizi is completely over The Floor is Lava! Your goal is simple. Jump across your living room, but keep in mind that at any point in time? the floor can turn into hot lava! Use the hearts to your advantage and keep jumping as long as possible. Your main objective is to do everything you can to jump onto different objects in your living room. Try to survive for as long as possible and collect golden coins. We believe that you'll be able to make it. The game saves your best score, so you can try to beat yourselves. Aside from coins, you can collect hearts. If you earn enough points, you can unlock a new hero. Take a glance at and seek new games such as Piggy Looking For The Sea Road and Run Sausage Run. Introduce them to your good friends and make comments on our games. Rate the games highly. Have a great time!

Piggy Looking For The Sea Road

This Piggy wants to get on the boat and take off in a sea adventure. But he needs your help to guide him and take him as far as you can, because the sea is filled with dangers. In this kizi games, use your arrow keys on your keyboard and click left or right so he can take his boat in that direction. The further away you get, the more points will be added to your score, which you can see in the upper part of the screen. At first the boat will go slowly and you will be able to see the obstacles clear and avoid them. There will be rocks, sharks, debris and other items just floating around, which might damage the boat. You only have three lives, so try not to lose them. As you sail away, the boat will move faster and faster and you will have to be more focused. We prepare you a large number of exciting games at such as Run Sausage Run and Flappy Dunk Online after playing, remember to share your favorite game and rate it highly. Good luck!

Mermaid Princess Hand Doctor

Mermaid Princess Hand Doctor is a Dress Up game on kizi juegos online. You can play Mermaid Princess Hand Doctor in your browser for free. Mermaid needs to do some work, collect garbage and coins, but her hands were injured by accident, now you need to take a surgery for her hands and then decorate them. Can you make her hands back to beautiful? The mermaid princess want to clean up her underwater room, so she decides to throw away all the trash in the garbage bin. But while she did this she hurt her hand. Be her doctor and help her out. Start by cutting away the vines wrapped around her hands. Then remove the cists on her hand. Then use a pair of tweezers to gently remove the hair. Then use a antiseptic lotion to destroy all the bacteria on her hands. Apply a cream on her wounds to help them heal. Bandage her hands and use a cue tip to clean her nails. Wash her hands to clean them up. Now that her hands are all healed and clean, you can do her manicure with a colorful nail polish and some fun prints like flowers, diamonds or bunnies. Accessorize with precious jewelry. Go and have fun with this game and a lot more at such as Burger Now and Rapunzel Repair Bicycle Have a great time!

Run Sausage Run

Run Sausage Run - click to play online kizi. Run Sausage Run is an interesting but dangerous running game. The main role in this kizi free game is a sausage! And your job in this game is help him avoid many crazy obstacles! You can collect coins in game and unlock new skins. Run, Sausage, run! Hot diggity dog, that’s a fine lookin’ hot dog!  You never sausage a sausage! (Get it? Saw such… sausage? Anyone?) Stop punning and start running! This adventure run is a hot dog’s dream - or nightmare - depending on how well you do. Play as the tasty sausage of your choice. Weisswurst or blutwurst, bacon or chocolate… even plumber or cowboy! Run for your life through an endless path as you flex that hot-dog body and avoid getting sliced, chopped, burned or smashed in this adventure run game!  Tons of juicy sausages to choose from, tons of hot dog skins to enjoy in this adventure run.  Collect coins as you run for your sweet (or spicy) life to buy buns of steel and other cool powerups in this adventure run game. PRIVACY: The app is free to play but certain in-game items may require payment. The app includes: - advertising for TabTale and some third parties that redirect users to our sites, apps or third-party sites - social networks links to connect with others while playing - the option to accept push notifications to inform of exciting news (e.g. updates) - an age-gate to prevent access to some features to protect children (e.g. restrict behavioral advertising or information sharing). Your privacy matters. The app may enable data collection for limited purposes (e.g. respond to support queries; enable, analyze and improve the app’s features and services; personalize content including targeted ads and analyse those ads).  Are you a fan of this game? Don’t forget to rate and share the game. More similar awesome games are waiting for you at such as Flappy Dunk Online and Knife Hit Online Enjoy and Run Sausage Run!

Stickman Archer Online 2

Stickman Archer Online 2 is an online HTML5 game presented by kizi land online, it's playable in browsers such as safari and chrome. You can play the game on smartphone and tablet (iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Android devices and Windows Phone). Stickman Archer Online 2 is an addiciting online highscore game. It's a story about two men, they want to kill each other using their bow. Archers cause admiration in people who value strength, agility and ability to shoot accurately. In the modern world, archery has become a sport, but in the Middle Ages and earlier archers were valued as skillful warriors. Everyone knows the famous Robin Hood, and the elves and none at all could surpass. It seems to you that it's easy to use onions, but this is far from being the case. To begin with, note that this small gun is quite heavy, and pulling the string is worth considerable effort. Knowing these facts, marvel at how our characters manage with solid weapons. In the kizi game Stickman Archer Online 2 you will participate in a duel archers and help one of them win. Help one of them and try to kill another, the higher score you will get. Come here and have a try!  Go and have fun with this game and a lot more at such as Stickman Archer Online 4 and The Spear Stickman

Flappy Dunk Online

Play Flappy Dunk Online game online at kizi free. Flappy Dunk Online is one of our hand picked skill games that can be played on any device. In Flappy Dunk you drop it, you lose it! Score as many points as you can in this free online kizii game! Tap to hop through as many rings as possible in this challenging and super addictive online Flappy Dunk game! Flappy Dunk Online is an interesting basketball jumping game. You need to click your mouse or tap screen to help this basketball jump through one and one circle to get points and coins. Enough coins can unlock new skins. Please share and rate the game. Besides, you can leave your suggestion about your favorite games, we will update them later. Relax with more similar games like Knife Hit Online and Uncle Express Go Go at Have fun!

Knife Hit Online

Play Knife Hit Online - Throw the knives into the logs, hit the apples, and try to beat all the bosses in the super addictive online game Knife Hit! Welcome to another cool online knife throwing game "Knife Hit", here on kizi com! In this amazing reaction game, players are in charge to throw the knives into the spinning round logs. Target precisely and try not to hit other knives, otherwise the game will be over and you will lose all your points. Slash apples to unlock new knives and try to get as further as you can. Have fun with "Knife Hit"! Stick your knives into the spinning targets in Knife Hit, a fun online reaction game! Rate the game highly to express your emotion to our effort. Share it with your relatives to have fun together in the free time. Play more related games if you want at as Uncle Express Go Go and Elf Jumping

Don't Hit Me

Dont Hit Me is a Racing game 2 play online at game kizi online. You can play Dont Hit Me in your browser for free. Riding around the city at high speed is a huge risk, but there are desperate brave souls who do not respect the rules. Our hero is just like that, but you will not give him any pressure to passers-by. Stop the car in front of pedestrian crossings so that citizens can safely move to the opposite side. You drive a luxurious car and drive on a street that often appears pedestrian. When you drive, be careful not to bump into any pedestrian. Otherwise, the game will end. Watch your car don't park on the zebra crossing. There are two buttons in the kizi game, one is deceleration, one is acceleration, and can be clicked with the mouse. Have fun with Don't Hit Me.  Related games: Car Vs Cops Online and Fastlane Road To Revenge Online Control: Use the mouse to play.

Pineapple Pen 2

Pineapple Pen 2 is one of our selected kizi free Games. Bust gold out of spinning fruits! Pineapple Pen 2 dares you to impale every fresh piece of food. If you hit your own pen, you will lose. Time each toss perfectly to hit metal locks and open the treasure chest! The fresh reaction game with all the fruits and the stabbing pens is back for more fun! In the sequel of Super Pineapple Pen you have to keep shooting pens at all kinds of fruits to collect coins and get a super high score. Don't miss and don't hit the pens that you already shot or you will lose the kizi game. So put your reflexes to the test! Enjoy Super Pineapple Pen 2! Recommend the game to your friends and leave your thought about the game. Many interesting games are waiting for you on as King Of Chaos and Bloons Tower Defense 5

Uncle Express Go Go

Uncle Express Go Go - click to play online kizi juegos. The uncle spend his life in the countryside for all the time, but he needs to deliver an express to the town today, he is an honest man wants to be there in time, but he is confused by the heavy traffic in the city, he didn't know where to go and there's certainly no one he could ask for help, can you offer him a little help? please take this uncle cross the street safely, watch out the rashing car and be on the other side as soon as possible. Please rate the game 5 stars and tell me your feelings of it. Share the game with your buddies to have fun and discover other related games like Elf Jumping and Sponge Bob Falling at Have fun!

Elf Jumping

Elf Jumping is a Skill game 2 play online at Kizi games land. You can play Elf Jumping in full-screen mode in your browser for free without any annoying AD. Welcome to the magic world of Elves! Look around, and you’ll see picturesque slopes and meadows, clouds and rainbows. It is a real pleasure to have a walk through this wonderful place. Elf Jumping is your chance to admire nice views and complete a mission.  How to play This is a simple clicking kizi game, so you don’t have to memorize numerous keys responsible for navigation. Control the character with mouse clicks or taping on the screen. Your character is a nice funny creature, jumping from one slope to another and gathering bonuses on its way. You’ll enjoy to have such a cool companion! Players of Elf Jumping have to last on the route for as long as possible. Jump and double jump avoiding abysses - each successful move brings you more and more scores. Collect the stars on your way - they are local currency. Pay attention to tricks: the further you go, the faster you have to move! Achievements & awards Every competition prepares awards for winners. Elf Jump is not an exception. Jump high and move fast. Earn scores and gain cool rank! Get the Jumping Elf with the score of 200. Get the Bungee Jumping Elf with the score of 600. Get the Sporty Elf with the score of 1,200. Features Clicking game with simple controls.  Endless playing mode - the game lasts till a player fails to jump over abyss.  Store with different kinds of elves you can pick for a game.  Opportunity to compete with players from all around the world.  Score board that features the best current players. Possibility to restart the game as many times as you wish. Suitable for players of all ages. Are you satisfied with this game of Comment, rate and share the game with playmates. Look for Sponge Bob Falling and Guess The Expression With The Words

Car Vs Cops Online

Car Vs Cops Online is an online game that you can play on kizi Com for free. This is an agile casual game, the combination of left and right rotation to drift so that other vehicles can not get close to your car. You can avoid the pursuit vehicles from different directions, and test your adaptability very quickly. Let's try this kizi free game and show your wonderful performance.  An exciting chase game is going to start in Car Vs Cops Online! The police were invaded by a strange virus. They all regarded you as a prisoner, but you just passed by the police station on your way home. Now, it's time to show your drift skills. Rotating and Let the police cars get dizzy and crash! Recommend this sports game to playmates and give us reviews and feedback. Look for good games namely Fastlane Road To Revenge Online and Bumper Car Madness. Visit

Sponge Bob Falling

Hello and welcome to!!! Planton want to crush you with a crusher machine. Run as fast as possible towards the hole to lose ground. interacts with the arrow keys and try not crush you. SpongeBob falling belongs to those disney games that we have selected for you. SpongeBob has another interesting day. He is going to try skydiving this time. Wow, it's dangerous and exciting. Please help SpongeBob avoid flying birds and collect materials, which will give him security. Are you going to help? In SpongeBob falling you can find other similar games like Spongebob Gets Ingredient and Sponge Bob Carnival, among all others online Have a great time at Game Control Use Mouse to play the game

Flow Free 2

Flow Free 2 is an online HTML5 game presented by kizi free land, it's playable in browsers such as safari and chrome. You can play the game on smartphone and tablet (iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Android devices and Windows Phone). Flow Free 2 is a simple logic puzzle involving finding paths to connect dots in a grid. Fill all the cells in the grid and connect all matching dots with single continuous lines.  Flow Free 2 is an addicting h5 puzzle game using your brain. In this game, you need to find the dots in the same color and connect them. Jump into this interesting and attractive puzzle game now. If you want to play more with some related games, check out Water Mist Tic Tac Toe and Sliding Bricks at I hope that you will have a great time in life. Don’t forget to share them with your friends and family to laugh together. Have a good time!

Burger Now

Burger Now is a free girl game online at kizi free. You can play Burger Now in full-screen mode in your browser without any annoying AD. Hey, come here! There is a burger shop, now, you are the owner. Now, start your work! Run your restaurant, receive your customers and cook burgers they want.  Do you like eating burgers? Burger Now is an addicting management game, you need to make the right burgers for your customers. If you run out of time or make the wrong burger, you will lose your money. We are glad to see your comments. Rate the juegos kizi. Share it with your friends to invite them to play with you. Are you ready to play many marvelous games such as Love Tester 3 and Rapunzel Repair Bicycle at Have fun!

Dunk Line

Play Dunk Line game online at kizi free games. Dunk Line is one of our hand picked puzzle games that can be played on any device. Dunk Line is a basketball, drawing puzzle game, you need to draw a line to make the basketball fall into the basket. Think about the road before you draw or you will lose. You have only a few seconds to react, hurry up! New basketball hit is here! Draw a line and make the falling ball to score the basket! Time your drawings properly and avoid the bombs! Start drawing and dunk the balls! Find other awesome games such as American Football Challenge and Cliff Diving at . If you are addicted to our games, please rate them highly. We are really grateful for receiving your feedback. Share the game with close friends to have fun together. Here we go!

Guess The Expression With The Words

Guess The Expression With The Words is an online Kids game, it's playable on all smartphones or tablets, such as iPhone, iPad, Samsung and other Apple and android system. This is a very fun game, guess the expression of the word. One correct choice, 100 points, how many points can you get? Come and play this game now! Are you a sensitive person who can feel your companion's feeling by his or her face? Come on and have a test, see if you can judge the face correctly, and you can also see how many words of emotions you can handle, maybe you'll use the emojis more correctly after this game. Every correct choice can gain you 100 points, and if you choose the wrong answer or the time is running out, the game will be over. Explore this exciting and attractive fashion game now! There are some similar games that you can love to play such as Successful Pairing and Spongebob Gets Ingredients at Hope you can get a good score, have fun!

Successful Pairing

Successful Pairing is a Skill game 2 play online at Online kizi game. You can play Successful Pairing in full-screen mode in your browser for free without any annoying ads.  How fast your reaction speed? Let's try Successful Pairing, which is a fast-paced game! Click the screen to change the color of the large circle. Your mission is to collect balls by using the same color circles at once. It's a training of your reflexes. Can you get a high score in this game? Have a try! Do you like the game? Share the game with your friends to challenge them. Rate it by giving stars and write your thought in the comment box. Play more girl games like Spongebob Gets Ingredients and Sponge Bob Carnival at

Water Mist Tic Tac Toe

Come dear kids and show us how good you are when it comes to a puzzle kizi game like this Water Mist Tic Tac Toe, we are sure you are going to enjoy it and that is the most important hting for us. We are also happy to give you the chance to try out this Water Mist Tic Tac Toe in which we are sure you are going to enjoy your time ebcause this is a simple tic tac toe game, you can easily play this in real life too and we are sure you have already done that and we are more than happy to offer you the chance, once again, to have a good time today here. So we want to invite you to play this Water Mist Tic Tac Toe in which you simply have to put your Xs or your 0s in a straight line in order to win.  Hey, ocome and play this Tic Tac Toe game, have a battle with the computer, who will be the winner? When you fall into the boring atmosphere, or you just want some fun, it's always welcome for you to open the phone and start a tic tac toe game, come on and try this Water Mist Tic Tac Toe, with the water effect, the image is more soft and delightful, take your time and start a kizi game with our computer, you don't need to worry about the win or lose, just have fun. Do not miss other related games such as Sliding Bricks and ef Game Enjoy with!

Rapunzel Repair Bicycle

Rapunzel Repair Bicycle is a free game for girl to play online at You can play Rapunzel Repair Bicycle in your browser for free. All the Disney princesses from our website have a great time playing girl games with you, so today dear children you can see that we have brought for you a very special Rapunzel games category game, in which you and the beautiful Disney princess will be able to ride your bikes together. There is only one problem though, Rapunzel's bicycle is broken, and you have to help the beautiful Disney princess to find all the tools that she is going to need to repair the bicycle, and that means that you will have to fix and and after that even decorate it in order to have a great time, and we are sure that you will manage to have a great time with the Disney princess, which will return and bring for you more Rapunzel games kizi for girls, and many other dress up and decoration girl games that you can play with all your friends. You may also like: Love Tester 3 and Banana Split Pie It's a beautiful day and the sun is shining. Rapunzel wants to ride a bicycle. But the bike is broken. Can you help rapunzel fix it? The first thing you need to do is clean the bike and repair the damage. Then you start to decorate the bike to make it look beautiful. Have fun playing Rapunzel Repair Bicycle.  How to play? Use the MOUSE to play. You can also read the instructions that Rapunzel Repair Bicycle are given in the game and follow them carefully!

Fastlane Road To Revenge Online

Fastlane Road To Revenge Online is a car shooting game. In the kizi game, you have the best driverless car. You're going to shoot the enemy and collect money. You are driving an unusual car, on the hood of which is reliably attached a fairly powerful cannon firing rockets. This is not for beauty, but an urgent need, because you intend to take revenge for the evil caused to you. This plan was carried for a long time, you prepared the car well, equipped it with means of protection and attack. On the previous race you were treated dishonorably, it's time to take revenge and show what you are capable of. Race along the road to Fastlane Road To Revenge Online, skirting the traveling traffic, not getting on mines, shooting those who do not want to give way. Your car is good, but there is no limit to perfection, so improve it as money appears. Use the money to upgrade your car and weapons. But you also have to avoid the enemy firing, once hit you, the game will be over. Do not miss other related games such as Bumper Car Madness and Extreme Drift 2 Have fun and good luck.   

American Football Challenge

American Football Challenge is a Sports game on You can play American Football Challenge in your browser for free. American Football Challenge is a very cool sports game. Use the mouse to move your gloves to catch the ball thrown by the quarterback. Try to get a higher score five times. Play American Football Challenge, a cool sports game to take your football skills to the next level. Your goal is to catch the ball thrown by the quarterback. Use your mouse to control the receiver’s gloves and don’t let the ball fall or you will lose the point. Try to catch the ball 5 times to get the highest score and pass to the next level. It gets more challenging every time, so start warming up with the first matches and get ready for some serious stuff. Go and have fun with this game and a lot more such as Cliff Diving and Hockey Legends Enjoy American Football Challenge!  

King Of Chaos

King Of Chaos is an online game that you can play on Kizi for free. King Of Chaos is a multiplayer fighting game. You're going to collect gems to upgrade your gear, there's a lot of different gear. You can choose a warrior to fight, such as a Wizard, a Ninja, a Bowman, and a Sparta. You can use more attackers when upgrading. In this well-made game, you have many different options. Pick a great warrior and fight for as long as possible. Take great care not to get hurt. Continue to improve yourself and find ways to neutralize your opponent. It won’t be easy so start playing and win every level. Don’t forget to check out more with many interesting games such as Bloons Tower Defense 5 and Fish Crunch Good luck.  

Sliding Bricks

Sliding Bricks is a Puzzle game 2 play online at You can play Sliding Bricks in full-screen mode in your browser for free without any annoying AD. Sliding Bricks is an easy yet fun game perfect for all ages. Move the block and match the color on the block below it to clear the line. Move as fast as you can because the longer you play the faster the block adds up. Don't let it reach on top of the screen or you're done! Quickly slide your brick on top of the same colored brick below. Each line you destroy will add one point to your score. As you progress the kizi game will speed up, so look ahead and get ready to tap fast to clear each line as quickly as possible. Once your brick hits the top red line your high score will be submitted to the leaderboards. Also very popular on this website right now are Maya Zuma and Porsche 25 Differences Achievements to Earn Brick SlideScore 60 or more in Sliding Bricks +5xp Quick MovementsScore 80 or more in Sliding Bricks +10xp Brick BossScore 100 or more in Sliding Bricks +15xp How to play: Tap or click to move your brick

Spongebob Gets Ingredients

Spongebob Gets Ingredients is a kids game on You can play Spongebob Gets Ingredients in your browser for free. Exciting events are taking place in the town of Bikini Bottom. People in developing seaweed meadows, ride on sea horses graze fry, compete and even fight against crime. On each event will tell free games online Sponge Bob, and to join, start playing. Bob, Patrick and the other characters involved in sports, rehearsing productions for theater, inventing and many more entertaining for you and come up with their entertainment. Each toy new job search objects, construction equipment or running water, and so on. Spongebob is not in good health and doctors advise him to exercise more and control his diet. There is a very interesting game, which is to catch the falling ingredients. Then Spongebob can exercise. Come and play with Spongebob Gets Ingredients. Also from this series: Sponge Bob Carnival and SpongeBob Ice Shop Have a good time.   

Cliff Diving

Brave the crashing waves, jagged rocks, and staggering heights and go cliff diving! Dive from towering platforms into the turbulent sea below but be careful not to strike the cliff. Perform perfect dives, pikes, and somersaults to advance to higher and higher platforms. Combine tricks and reckless abandon to score bonus points and top the leaderboards! Turn on Expert Mode for additional challenge. Cliff Diving includes: ✓ Beautiful graphics! ✓ Universal app - looks amazing on phones and tablets. ✓ Fun pick-up-and-play gameplay. Easy to learn but hard to master. ✓ Forward and reverse dives and flips. ✓ Pike and tuck dive positions can be combined in a single dive for bonus points. ✓ Convincing and fun physics engine makes for unpredictable falls should you hit the rocks on the way down! ✓ Expert mode to wring out the highest scores for competitive players. ✓ Play the world - online leaderboards. ✓ Challenging and fun achievements. Even the ocean couldn't conquer Cathedral Rock. Can you? Please rate the game 5 stars and tell me your feelings of it. Share the game with your buddies to have fun and discover other related games like Hockey Legends and Pinch Hitter 2 at

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