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Monster High Operetta In Dance Class

Monster High Operetta In Dance Class is a Dress Up game on kizi land. You can play Monster High Operetta In Dance Class in your browser for free. Monster High Operetta is already a great dancer but she decided to have some particular dance classes to improve her dance moves! She's also going to perform a short dance on an international stage in a couple of days and besides her choreography, she also must choose the right outfit for this event! Be Operetta's super talented fashion adviser while playing the 'Monster High Operetta In Dance Class' dress up game and choose her the outfit, shoes, accessories and the hairstyle you think are suitable for this event! Try as many combinations you want girls before choosing the wining one and make sure you stop when the outfit you've prepared for her is original enough to make her stand out of the crowd! Join your friends in the game and share the fun with them. It's great if you play some other similar game Girly Ice Cream Truck Car Wash and Santa At The Hospital at Spend a lot of time playing games, you'll find lots of fun in life. Have fun !

Dragon Ball Z Dress Up

Dragon Ball Z Dress Up is a Dress Up game on You can play Dragon Ball Z Dress Up in your browser for free. Dress up and create your own customized Dragon Ball Z character. Make him look as cool as possible. Want to know how you can do that? Well, it is really simple, and you will find out how from this description, so keep reading it, because it will be useful! Well, for the different parts of his outfit, you will find buttons on the right side of the game screen. You simply click on them, and you will see that item added or changed on his body, and you have multiple options for each type of item, so that everyone can dress up Goku in the style they like. It's that simple, and that fun, so we now invite you to start this awesome game, have a lot of fun, and then try other kizi games from this category! We also bring to players a lot of new similar games with this game like Girly Ice Cream Truck Car Wash and Santa At The Hospital. Are you ready now?

Tom VS Ben

Tom VS Ben is a Puzzle game on You can play Tom VS Ben in your browser for free. Tom cat can not bear Ben's bully on him anymore! So he asks Ben to have a fight with him! We are inviting you today back here where dear friends you can see that we have brought for you a new interesting and very fun game that you can play with all your friends for free. Today, we have brought a new online game from the Talking Friends games categeory, in which you have to be very careful and concentrated, because in this game, you will have to help Tom defeat his very good friend Ben. The both of them are angry and mad at each other, so you have to make sure that you can help Tom win this unusual battle. They will have to throw different sharp and hurting objects over a little pile of items, and the one who will win is the one who suffered the most, so you have to make sure that you can throw more objects at Ben that he does at you, and so you will be having more life left than he does, and Tom will win the fight. We also bring to the world of interesting players of similar games with this new kizi online game like Where's Derpy 3 and Penguins Jigsaw. Are you ready for this new journey? Have fun!

Drive to Work Slacking

Drive To Work Slacking is a free girl game online at kizi 2020. You can play Drive To Work Slacking in full-screen mode in your browser without any annoying ads. Samantha is late for work! She has to complete her makeup and finish her breakfast on her way driving to the office. There are cars and trucks on the road. Please use your left and right directions keys to move your car and avoid a car crash. Otherwise the police will be after you! In addition, we also help players to join many new games similar to this journey like Santa Claus save the Christmas and Stud Rider. You will love them today.  Enjoy with

Santa Claus save the Christmas

Santa Claus save the Christmas is a Racing game on kizi games online. You can play Santa Claus save the Christmas in your browser for free. On his way to the children houses, Santa Claus lost some of the gifts from his sleigh.Now is constrained to go back and pick-up the gifts with his convertible car.Pay attention, the speed is increasing gradually and you must avoid the cars that are coming to you. If you are a big fan of platform games you will absolutely love this one. Grab your copy and join Santa Claus in this adventure; you will feel the Christmas Spirit right away. We have suggested players around the world how to play games and other games similar to this game like Stud Rider and Don't Hit Me. You will love that special world.  These are some of its key features: 81 levels to beat Lots of presents, items and enemies Smooth cartoon graphics and Christmas music Have fun at

Girly Ice Cream Truck Car Wash

Girly Ice Cream Truck Car Wash is an online game that you can play on kizi for free. The Ice Cream Truck is so dirty, come and help to clean and fix the Ice Cream Truck Car. The ice cream truck needs a serious intervention. In this girl game, you are going to help this girl to renew her car and repair all the broken things that made the vehicle unfunctional. Use the tools you have and try to make each task in the way it should be done. Wet it, add shampoo, rub the dirt and dry it all. Replace the broken window, add the missing piece and handle all those scratches that are spread on the car body. With the aim of winning and the cheer of the fans, play hard for glory in this amazing game. If you are looking for more sports games, let’s check out Santa At The Hospital and Winter Fun Dress Up 2 Have fun at! Control: To play this game you need to use the mouse.

The Empire 2

The Empire 2 is an online game that you can play on for free. In The Empire 2 your regime is nearing collapse and you should take steps to begin to strengthen your power before enemies are able to take over it. Expand and build up on your whole empire strategically and use your upgradeable army of troops and tactical maneuvers to vanquish all opponents on the battlefield. Keep this place safe! Your mission is to build an empire to protect your kingdom. Using troops, tactical,.. to defeat opponents. We also suggest some similar games that you can save to your favorite kizi game list to relax when you have free time like Tripolygon and Kung Fu Street 2. What are you waiting for? Don't forget to unlock the levels today.

Santa At The Hospital

Santa At The Hospital is an online game that you can play on kizi online for free. Santa fell of the horn while delivering gifts and he got injured in his own candycanes. Take him to the hospital and heal his wounds so he can finish delivering gifts to good kids. Our website always facilitates online game players around the world to discover challenges in the most satisfactory way. Get ready for the most difficult games that other players are also looking for decoding like Winter Fun Dress Up 2 and Dove Christmas Surprises. Or you can relax with the simplest content game.  Enjoy with Control: Use the mouse to interact.

Olaf's Stuffed Snowman Shop

Olaf's Stuffed Snowman Shop is an online game that you can play on game kizi for free. Everyone loves Olaf, the walking and talking snowman from the popular Frozen movie, am I right girls? I know a few friends out there who would love to have their favourite character close in a stuffed form and since they aren't available on the market anymore, sweet Elsa is going to teach you how to do-it-yourself in this brand-new games for girls called: Olaf's Stuffed Snowman Shop. Come and join her in getting the game started and first of all decide what gorgeous look should your stuffed snowman have. Once the main decision was taken, you can then choose a really nice fabric: the ones we've prepared at your disposal in this game come in a wide variety of colors so feel free to browse though them all and pick one you really like. Next, iron the chosen fabric, align the scissors for a fine cut and sew the pieces together. Wonderful job, ladies! Now that your stuffed Olaf is ready, you get to adorn it with colourful buttons, funky fats and bow ties of your choice. We introduce some motorbike driving games with richer content for you like Whack Em and Dynamons Evolution. Choose one of them and join in when there's a free time free.  Have a fun crafty day with Elsa at!  

Winter Fun Dress Up 2

Winter Fun Dress Up 2 is an online game that you can play on for free. It is a beautiful winter and it's been snowing for days, so this cute girl is out for skiing in a beautiful place. She loves this sport very much and she has many special skiing clothes in her wardrobe. Help her prepare for today in this cool game, check out her wardrobe and dress her up with the skiing costume you like best of all. Also, you can relax with a new updated number such as Dove Christmas Surprises and Twilight And Flash Kissing. Enjoy your free time with more kizi games today.  Enjoy!   

Dove Christmas Surprises

Dove Christmas Surprises is a free girl game online at You can play Dove Christmas Surprises in full-screen mode in your browser without any anoying ads. Christmas is such a jolly holiday and Dove is eager to find the perfect outfit and start unwrapping her presents! Go through different gift boxes and create the most beautiful and cozy look. Find the special surprises that will make Dove's Christmas memorable, save a picture with your favorite fashion design from the gallery and don't forget to unlock all the achievements. Merry Christmas!  Discover our game today and you will love this special world with countless other similarly interesting kizi games on the list of new games like Twilight And Flash Kissing and Capable Secretary

Twilight And Flash Kissing

Twilight And Flash Kissing is a game 2 play online at kizi games. You can play Twilight And Flash Kissing in full-screen mode in your browser for free without anoying ads. Twilight And Flash are our main characters from this cute kissing game where you and you're friends will have to help Twilight And Flash to kiss each other. For this kissing session with Twilight And Flash you will have to be very careful, because other pony from My little Pony village will try to catch them when they are kissing,if Flash and Twilight are caught when they are kissing you will lose the game and in this case you should start again from the beginning of the game. Be very careful because this kissing game have tow different levels, the first level is the easiest one, but the second level will be a little bite hard.  Other than this one, we have plenty of other girls games such as Capable Secretary and Ladybug And Cat Noir Love Notes at that bring new features and updates for free! 

Capable Secretary

Capable Secretary is an online game that you can play on Hi little fashionistas! I'm Elliot and I'm the most beautiful and the most talented secretary ever! I'm sure that every company seeks employees like me but unfortunately, I'm unique, my beauties! Well, however, I can give you secrets for being a successful and capable secretary and some important tips of looking so elegant, chic and stylish at office! Then, now come over here and listen me up carefully!  If you prefer a private server to enjoy the game with your friends, feel free to create one on your own! Don't refrain yourself from exploring the possibilities with other gaming selections like Ladybug And Cat Noir Love Notes and Helen Downtown Girl Dress Up!


Tripolygon is an online game that you can play on kizi games for free. Tripolygon is a match color game in which you need to rotate your colorful triangle clock wise, making sure that the top color matches the color of the bar that's going down to destroy it. It's easy yet a very challenging game. The speed increases as you progress in the game so you better click fast and rotate that triangle! Match as many as you can to earn points! Tripolygon is an interesting arcade game. In the game, there will be many fallen sticks and a fixed triangle. You need to use the mouse click to control the color of the triangle to match the color of the stick. Otherwise, the game will over. The more colors you match, the higher your score will be. Come and play the game now. More than the cool theme, this classic io game comes with simple colors and models to optimize the players' experience. At invite your friends to join other games with the private servers like Kung Fu Street 2 and Ny Rex as well!! Have fun and good luck.   

Whack Em

Whack 'em all: Whack all the moles on their heads as fast as possible. Click/tap to hit, do not hit the bombs. A Fighting game. Greedy little squirrels is always eating farmer uncle's crops , you can help him get rid of the little squirrels? You can get them back into the hole by clicking on the squirrels. Caution! Don't fight the ghosts, they are so terrible! Come on!  Remember to share these interesting things that the game brings with your friends and invite your friends to join the game so you can have fun moments together. What do you think if you enjoy some kind of game Dynamons Evolution and Gate Rusher at Wish you are always the luckiest player of today! 

Ladybug And Cat Noir Love Notes

Ladybug And Cat Noir Love Notes is an online game that you can play on kizi for free. Marinette wants to ask Adrien on a date, but she is a bit too shy, so maybe you can help her write him a love note in which she can express her feelings and ask him out. Use your imagination to create this love note. And now you have to help Marinette in a beautiful outfit. Ladybug and Cat Noir have a secret crush for one another. Help them to exchange love notes in this dress-up game for girls. First customize and write the love letter that will turn them into valentines. After that, dress up Ladybug to go on a date with her crush Also, update other similar games to your list of favorite games to train your skills or simply refresh your space with different rainbows like Helen Downtown Girl Dress Up and Ariel's Cake Shop at You will love them.  Have a wonderful time playing this amazing game! 

Helen Downtown Girl Dress Up

Helen Downtown Girl Dress Up is an online game that you can play on kizi online for free Helen lives in the downtown, so she usually dressed up in fashion. Now, you can open up Helen's wardrobe to see her beautiful clothes and help dress up her.  With addictive gameplay and minimalistic design, you can’t wait to enter this game every time you have free time for sure. What are you looking for? Just play right now. Make sure you will discover a huge collection of games on our site. Amy Lady Mama Dress Up and Ariel's Cake Shop at are 2 options that you should try first.

Where's Derpy 3

Where's Derpy 3 is a free girl game online at You can play Where's Derpy 3 in full-screen mode in your browser without any annoying AD. The poor ponies are embarrassed – their oddish friend named Derpy disappeared again! But we are already experienced in looking for her, thus we think it won't be a big problem for you to help the ponies find Derpy at the third time. Derpy returns for a third instalment of the hit game! Will she find her true love or unlock the secrets of the magical mystery box? You decide! Click on Derpy and her three muffins in each level. Watch out for the special golden muffins and Lyra, too! In addition, you also have the opportunity to participate in numerous other similar kizi games like Penguins Jigsaw and Eg Penguin Puzzles. Each game has its own content and you can save them to explore.  

Kung Fu Street 2

Kung Fu Street 2 is an online game that you can play on for free. The fighter of the street is back with the second game of the series which is called Kung Fu Street 2 and here to show off his Kung Fu skills! Get ready to play an immersive fighting game. It is easy to start, click play to start kicking and punching enemies. You use W-A-S-D or Arrow Keys to move around and Space key to jump, you are punching and kicking with key V. Don't worry if you fail your first try, you can always replay to get better at Kung Fu 2. Let's go and become the best Kung Fu fighter in this second game too!  This game is a retro street-fighting game, which is really suitable for the Kung Fu game lovers. In this game, you could use the keyboard to control the virtual character. Do you like action kizi games? Kung Fu Street is waiting for you. More games will come soon giving you different gaming experiences. If you don’t want to choose which games to play first, then check out Ny Rex and Spect Hope you have fun and enjoy it.   

Penguins Jigsaw

Penguins Jigsaw is an online game that you can play on kizi games for free. All images are cute penguins. Choose how hard it is to be the level that you will play and start to play. You can choose to play as easy, medium or hard. Besides the elaborate gameplay, a variety of point of views and 3D graphics will create the most realistic experience for the fans of adventure games. Plenty of newly added options such as Eg Penguin Puzzles and Breaking the Bank at also have the best features and characters, so check them out!  Have a great time!  Control: Mouse or tap to play.

Ariel's Cake Shop

Ariel's Cake Shop is a free girl game online at You can play Ariel's Cake Shop in full-screen mode in your browser without any annoying AD. Ariel's cake shop opened! There are many guests waiting for her to entertain. The first order is a cake and milkshake. Help her cook a delicious cake and add some nice topping. Of course, a cool strawberry milkshake is necessary, too. Ariel's cake shop opened! There are many guests waiting for her to entertain. The first order is a cake and milkshake. Help her cook a delicious cake and add some nice topping. Of course, a cool strawberry milkshake is necessary, too. Enjoy Ariel's Cake Shop! In addition, we suggest a series of similar kizi games for you to discover when you have free time like Amy Lady Mama Dress Up and Spring Style Diva Fashion. You will definitely choose the game you love to relax. Enjoy Ariel's Cake Shop!   

Coaster Cars 2: Purple Race

Coaster Cars 2: Purple Race is an online game that you can play on kizi games for free. Coaster Cars 2 Purple Race is a 3D car racing game. You need to drive your car on a stone road. Show your driving skills and be the first in each lap. Players who like racing games don't miss it!  Purple Race brings 80s sensations, good old sounds, good old graphics but it's so good right? Drive your car as fast as possible, beat the best scores! There are many other games that you can also join in your spare time which are updated daily like Stud Rider and Don't Hit Me at What are you waiting for without joining today? Let's start this journey.  Enjoy and -more important- stay retro!

Eg Penguin Puzzles

Eg Penguin Puzzles is an online game that you can play on kizi for free. Little penguin Tom decided to go travel the world. Walking the forest for a long time, he felt dehydrated. Now he urgently needs to plunge into the water. You are in the game EG Penguin Puzzles will help him with this. Your hero will find places where there is water. The path to it will be blocked by various items on which your character will stand. You will need to carefully examine everything and find the object that if you remove your penguin will fall into the water. On this all you will be given a certain amount of time and if you do not have time to do it, your hero will die. In addition, other special games similar to this game are also updated for game players in their free time such as Piggy In The Puddle 2 and Bubble Shooter Saga 2 at You will select those games and Save to your favorite game list to relax in your free time?

Amy Lady Mama Dress Up

Amy Lady Mama Dress Up is an online game that you can play on abcya games for free. Amy is pregnant, now, she is your model and you need to dress her up. Choose some cute hair styles, accessories and beautiful clothes for her. She will look amazing!  We keep updating other driving games in your favorite theme like. Spring Style Diva Fashion and Kiss Under the Moonlight. Each game is shared at Please invite your friends to join their favorite games on our website right now. You have the new journey to explore. 

Ny Rex

Play NY Rex game on Kizi! Your mission is run through the streets of New York and smash vehicles, eat people and make a big mess! NY Rex is free and no registration needed! It’s time for some more dinosaur action! Imagine you were in the city of New York when Godzilla attacks or you were actually a giant dinosaur attacking a city. In this online game, the hulking dinosaur is back to cause more havoc and wreck the city of New York. All you have to do in this awesome game is have fun destroying buildings, smashing stuff and eating people! This game is the sequel in a series of dinosaur city destroying games and you have to make your way through the area eating delicious human people and filling your giant dinosaur belly. For everything you are able to smash, you gain some points for destruction. There isn’t much requirement for thinking and planning all you have to do in each stage is smash and eat. Sounds like you are living the Trex dream You may want to try the following action games Spect and Rawr. Many other genres with a lot of interesting games are waiting for you, come and discover them with a few clicks at Have a good time!  

Spring Style Diva Fashion

Spring Style Diva Fashion is an online game that you can play on kizi for free. A real diva finds fashionable outfits for every season, so help this one discover the perfect look for spring. Start by styling her hair into a casual bun, a side braid or just leave it natural to fall on her shoulders, because that is really in this season. You can choose for her a white dress with purple flower prints, a long pink one with a delicate golden chain around her waist or a black one with polka dots. Or you could mix and match a brown shirt, an elegant top falling off one shoulder or a black and white striped blouse with a pair of jeans or a ruffled skirt. Add a trench coat or a blazer to complete her look. For accessories choose a pair of very high heels with platforms, precious earrings, a necklace and a matching bracelet and a chic handbag. We also suggest similar games with this kizi game that players of different ages can join and relax when having free time like Banana Split Pie and Year Round Fashionista Anna. Please feel free after every hour of work is stressful. Have a wonderful time!

Stud Rider

Play Stud Rider game online at Stud Rider is one of our hand picked racing games that can be played on any device. Stud Rider is a fun and cool game, the hills are very long. Sounds like a challenge. If you like to ride, do not miss this game! Ride through the hills and collecting fuel is on the way! Be careful not to fall down the steep slope of the road. I believe you will be the fastest man!  A biker named Stud bought a new bike. It is suitable for roads and for terrain. It is the second option that Stud wants to test. Come along with him on a two-wheeled adventure. Take a long trip and go as far as possible, but you need a petrol, naturally. Collect the canisters with life-giving fluid for your beauty. There is only a way forward. You will not come back again. So collect as many canisters as possible. Take a break from everything and go for a freedom ride. In addition, you can hardly miss how to participate in many other exciting new kizi games similar to Don't Hit Me and Car Vs Cops Online. Your world will be filled with the most special things.  Have fun.


Play Spect game online at Spect is one of our hand picked action games that can be played on any device. Spect is an addictive flight battle game. Escape from the planets and destroy enemies' spaceships. Be careful, don't let them hit your spaceship. Hope your spaceship can survive as long as possible and have a high score.  Games similar to this game are also shared in the game theme you have chosen such as Rawr and MURDER. Are you ready to start your game today?  Enjoy with kizi! Control: On mobile or pad: tap to control. On PC: Mouse or W-A-S-D for move, Q for missiles, E for shield, press auto shooting for auto shooting. 


Rawr! Welcome to the war of monsters on Kizi. Choose your favourite creature and start training it in order to fight battles against other fearsome monsters. To increase its power and abilities just use your earnings and purchase special food and useful upgrades. Win all challenges and save the forest. Fight evil creatures for justice! Help Hayley to save the forest from dirty businessman. 51 skills, 40 ingredients and recipes, 54 mutations and 11 bosses! Okay, so the plot of the mean ol' businessman trying to destroy a forest and being stood up to by plucky kids is a tale as old as direct-to-video, but how often do you hear about those same plucky kids using ancient, unspeakable beasts to do the job? Shadem's fightingsimulation Rawr puts you in charge of training and directing the titular beasts to become powerful enough to stand against the black-hearted champions who want to destroy the forest. Sort of like Captain Planet, but with fangs and a gaze that induces madness. And bloody cage brawling. And gross genetic manipulation. Choose and name your Rawr, then spend your time clicking around the map to assign skills, buy items, take part in events, or simply have your Rawr duke it out against other beasties. Combat is automatic, though you can help your little killer out by clicking two icons of the same type as they appear to gain power-ups or healing, and following the onscreen prompts to get more damage. The damage your Rawr takes can be healed by chowing down, which advances the time by a day, but more importantly, can also give you big bonuses. Purchase special ingredients at the shop to craft recipes (earn more by spending chef coupons) that can can temporarily grant you more strength and health on top of healing you up, and even grant you permanent stat increases through their own leveling track. Eventually, you'll also be able to visit a trainer who can teach new abilities... for the right price. Be warned that abilities can only be equipped if you have the appropriate number of coloured crystals available, earned through leveling up. If you defeat bosses, you may even get the opportunity to modify your Rawr at a lab, inducing mutations that will change your monster's appearance and its skills. You know. Provided the concept of injecting your li'l buddy with genetic gloop and warping their very being doesn't creep you out or anything. Wasn't that an episode of Pokemon? Rawr is more than a little odd, weirdly hilarious in a twisted way at times, and suffers somewhat from some awkwardly phrased directions and explanations, but is still enjoyable and addictive. The art style is fantastic, and even if the creatures animate in a clunky "little wooden puppet" sort of way, the design is creative and great. You can't really call the gameplay particularly in-depth, since the whole thing winds up feeling repetitive after a while, but there's just something compulsively playable about it. The gameplay is simple and fun, the story is silly but interesting, and it's a welcome spin on the "train a thing to do a thing" genre, which has probably only rarely had so much ichor and weirdness in it before. The copious amount of blood and frankly mildly disturbing monster design, both of which are at odds with the strangely light-hearted and feel-good backstory, means this isn't one for the kids or those of you who prefer less gross gaming. But if you're a little twisted and looking for something to fill a coffee break with surreal style to spare, give Rawr a look. Just... don't maintain too much eye contact when you do it. Check out some similar games like MURDER and Big Big Baller Enjoy Rawr. Check out ingame tips. Feel free to post here your PVP codes and suggestions for upcoming sequel. Controls: Mouse

Dynamons Evolution

Play Dynamons evolution on Kizi! The latest evolution of Dynamons is now here! Dynamons evolution is totally free and requires no registration! The Dynamons are back with new exciting adventures! Dynamons Evolution is a great game about weird little creatures you have to capture and train to fight against competitive opponents. Find the most powerful beasts and the tiniest and cutest monsters on the map and become a real Dynamon Captain. There are hundreds of different creatures with unique battle skills for you to collect, so register right now or use your Facebook account to start the journey with your best friends. Have fun with Dynamons Evolution! Share this interesting game with your friends! You may want to play the following games: Gate Rusher and Poop It. Hundreds of games with many new and enjoyable things are waiting for you at, and you at an easily explore them with a few clicks.


Murder is one of our selected action Games. Creep up behind the king, and stab him to win! Murder challenges you to overthrow the royal leader. You must wait for the right moment to charge up your killing move. If you slay the king, you will take his place! MURDER is a fun game of assassination. You wish to assassinate the king and take his place to rule over the kingdom. To start with, you must creep up behind the king and choose the opportune moment to strike and kill him. Once he is dispatched, you must quickly take his clothes and become the king yourself! Once you have successfully stolen the king's identity and eliminated him, you must then protect yourself from other would-be assassins who want to do exactly the same as you just did! Keep a watchful eye and be sure to never keep your back turned for too long! Do you have what it takes to become the assassin king? If you can’t get enough of this game, recommend it to your siblings and good friends. Comment and rate it! Join a series of amusing games such as Big Big Baller and Gravity Guy at Features Stabbing game to become the king and prevent others from killing you Various backstabber characters with a unique killing method Simple controls and great visual display Controls Hold space bar to charge your stab and press space bar to look behind.

Kiss Under the Moonlight

What a lovely coincidence: the very first day of summer vacation came with one of Cupid's love arrows for these cuties here! They're madly in love with each other and counting on your help as their closest friend so that they can give each other romantic kisses at midnight. Get the kiss under the moonlight game started! Two kids want to have their very first kiss under the moonlight, next to the firelight but without being seen by their friends. Some birds are flying around too so take care and watch your back. Don’t hesitate anymore. Let’s join us and find how many scores you can get. Have a good luck! If you want to challenge yourself with more superb online games, visit There are plenty of splendid games which are available such as Coco Face Art and Princess Newborn Baby

Gate Rusher

Gate Rusher is a Skill game on kizi. You can play Gate Rusher in your browser for free. Long long time ago, there was a little ball that loses his lover. He has to overcome difficulties and obstacles to find her. Control the ball to move around to cross the ring. Avoid touching any position other than the ring, otherwise, you will lose. There are many levels for you to unlock. Can you face the challenge?  In this world made of gates, your task is to pass through gates one by one until you reach the finish line. Look out! Some of the gates are movable. The more levels you complete, the harder it will be. If you are finding a challenging game for killing time, join it and show your super skills.  Go and have fun with this game and a lot more at such as Poop It and Jerry Run N Eat Cheese at Have a good time!  Control: AD or Left and Right arrows or mouse click and hold to move.

Big Big Baller

"Where Am I? In a city?! Oh hi~ you little cute car! Oops, I'm sorry!" The ball crushed a car accidentally, however, the ball seems to get bigger! That's interesting, let's see how big it can get and crash everything in your sight! You can also crash other player's ball which is smaller than yours!  Now, time to roll over the amazing city! Big Big Baller is a Skill game on kizi free games. You can play Big Big Baller in your browser for free. Occupying a city and become the most powerful king. It sounds so cool, right? Control your small ball to crash everything on your way. The buildings, cars, trees, even the walkers. The more you crash, the stronger it will be. But keep on eye on the other ball's size, they will crash you too. Now it's your time, Can you become the city king? The winner of each game is the player with the largest ball at the end of the game. Anything can be squashed as long as it is smaller then you even other players, however beware though, this means that you can be squashed too!  Don’t forget to check out more with many interesting games such as Gravity Guy and Mighty Knight 2 at Have fun!  Features: * Free to play, play it anywhere anytime * Simple rules but very attractive * Lots of interesting challenges * Beat other players and stay alive

Flicking Soccer

Flicking Soccer is an online HTML5 game presented by kizi, it's playable in browsers such as safari and chrome. You can play the game on smartphone and tablet (iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Android devices and Windows Phone). Are you a nostalgic of Subbuteo? Flicking Soccer is what you were looking for. select your team, score more goals than your opponent and win all the matches!  You’ve never played a soccer game quite like this one. Take control of the players on this tabletop field and see if you can flick the ball into the goal before time runs out. You can invite your friends to play together and compete to find out who is better. Many fun games are waiting for you at Check out Ultimate Boxing and Tiny Hawk Instructions  Click the arrow to begin the game. Click a flag to choose a team.  Kick the ball using your mouse. You select the player you want to kick with the mouse and then adjust the arrow to kick the ball. The arrow will give the direction and the amount of yellow that fills the arrow will determine how hard the ball is kicked.  Tip: You get three kicks per turn. Then the CPU gets a turn.  Tip: There is a limited amount of time. If you get the lead then try to make sure that the other team can't score.  Tip: If you can't make a goal by your third kick, try to make it hard on the CPU to score.  Tip: Your players are also defenders and can help block the opponent's kicks if in the right spot.  This game should work on all platforms including safari and mobile (we hope, but make no guarantees). 

Ultimate Boxing

Ultimate Boxing is an online HTML5 game presented by kizi land, it's playable in browsers such as safari and chrome. You can play the game on smartphone and tablet (iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Android devices and Windows Phone). Knock out your competitor in the ultimate boxing match! This sports fighting game lets you play as Ironfist or Dynamite. Each heavyweight fighter can throw jabs, hooks, and uppercuts in the ring. Put up your gloves to block incoming punches! Face your opponent in the ring in this exciting 3D game. In Ultimate Boxing awaits you a hard fight. Choose one of two glorious boxers and get in the ring. Prove your skills and always stay one step ahead of your opponent, avoid his fists and put him down to floor. So you will become the ultimate boxer.  Do you want to play a few more? Then check out some games like Tiny Hawk and Surfer Archers at Features Two realistic boxers to play with A complete boxing experience in which you can do different punches, including a jab and block the attacks Health and stamina bars Controls Left click to punch Drag left mouse button upside to do a jab Drag left mouse button right and left to do side punch

Poop It

The time is ticking and you need to be very fast! Tap the poop to destroy it or to change, depending on the level. You will need to pay attention to each level because there are two types of levels, those in which you have to change the color, and those where you have to destroy it. When you clear a level you will get time, so, be fast! Do you like poop? Well, nobody really likes poop, but you are gonna love this kizi game! Poop It is a funny reaction game about friendly looking piles of crap. Your objective is to squash them as fast as possible, or to make them look all the same before your time runs out. If you have 8 brown googly-eyed poops, just tap on them as fast as possible to earn some extra seconds. If you get 2 green and 6 brown ones, tap on the green poops to make them all look brown. It’s easy as crap, don’t you think? Try it and find out! Have fun with Poop It! Also very popular on this website right now are Jerry Run N Eat Cheese and Minions Adventures at Controls: Mouse

Gravity Guy

Thanks to one of the world's biggest law of gravity, try to stay alive the hero. For this, the hero's feet need to step down to the ground. When the game opened, initiate by "Play" button. You can play this game by "Space" key or "Mouse". Furthermore, it is necessary to control and check your skills and reflexes very well. You can play this game with two or even with four persons. Do not forget the aliens following behind from you. If alien catches you, he will destroy you immediately. We wish you luck. Gravity Guy is an addictive multiplayer platform game inspired by G-Switch. Reverse the gravitation and help that little guy to reach the end. Just click or press X to invert the gravity. Reviews and rating are welcomed. Recommend this game to besties.  Enjoy action games like Mighty Knight 2 and Several Journeys of Reemus 3 at Much fun!

Mighty Knight 2

The creatures which are different from each other, has been invaded to the world you live. Before those creatures destroy your world, you must destroy these creatures. If you think that you can not be successful at this mission by alone, don't worry! Call your friend right now and participate this super adventure with your friend by two player game mode. But, before you start, there is something that you should now; you must complete first two levels of the kizi game to unlock the two player game mode. Let's get started! Mighty Knight 2 is a cool upgrade fighting game in which you have to save the world from evil and powerful creatures. Start by choosing one of the brave knights or get one assigned to you by the charming lady at the beginning and go on a dangerous adventure. After every battle you will earn some coins, which you can use to upgrade your knight, choosing strategically the skills you want to improve. You can also have help from other warriors that will be glad to join you on your fight. By the way, check out more related game such as Several Journeys of Reemus 3 and Arcane: The Armor Collector Good luck and enjoy the battles of Mighty Knight 2!   Controls: WASD / Arrows = move, J = attack

Several Journeys of Reemus 3

Just mouse click your way through the puzzles and riddles, clicking the objects and places on screen that advance your adventure through this strange world. Click on-screen arrows to walk to the next screen, or click on the upper left corner icon to switch characters. Most puzzles need both Liam and Reemus to solve. In this kizi games, Pay careful attention to what they say for clues. See if you can unlock both endings! If you have a squirrel and you're stuck, click on the sky to the far left. As the future telling eye of the parasite closed, the message was clear. Things were bad.  The Death Slugs were not of this planet, having plummeted to the earth from the unknown reaches of space. The Gygax, a once banished race of terrifying creatures, have returned. The Death Slugs enslaving the Gygax as soldiers in a great death army. Things were very, very bad.  To most, this scenario would be enough to send them fleeing to the furthest reaches of the Upper Lowerville mountain range. But not for our heroes!  Reemus, seizing the opportunity, schemes with his diminutive purple pal. A quest of this magnitude only arises once in an age, a threat so large it has the potential to blot out every living thing on the planet. If he can officially lay claim to this adventure before any other hero, then he actually has a chance to cement extermination as a heroic career path.  The only question remains is, will he get to the kingdom before the Gygax do? Get ready for a new adventure of Liam and Reemus. In the third chapter of the horror point and click game the hard-boiled, bearded man with a circular bald patch on the scalp and his best pal will learn the backstory of evil greedy alien slug. Help them to survive their quest in Several Journeys of Reemus 3! Don’t forget to check out more with many interesting games such as Arcane: The Armor Collector and Huntloween at Much fun!

Arcane: The Armor Collector

Arcane: The Armor Collector is a Fighting game on You can play Arcane: The Armor Collector in your browser for free. Heard of or played the PC game Unreal Tournament before? The concept of Arcane: The Armor Collector is similar to that game, except this is in 2D, and medieval weapons and magical full body armors are involved instead of futuristic guns and rocket launchers. Fight and earn your way to glory in this middle age style tournament using bows, boomerangs, kunais, swords, axes and more!  In action game we are fighting with opponents. Who first reaches the indicated number of wins - get money and goes to the next level. For earned cash we buy weapons and accessories. Do you want to play a few more? Then check out some games like Huntloween and Flaming Zombooka 2 Controls: WASD - Move Mouse - Attack Space - Switch weapon E B - Throw weapon / Switch armor


Huntloween is a Fighting game on kizi online. You can play Huntloween in your browser for free. Fight the dark shadow creatures as you grab jewels and swing your sword. Don't take too much damage. presents Huntloween! Play as Stevie, Marc or Bear. Fight through lots of shadow people and shadow enemies to save Halloween. Shadow people may not be a popular legend of Halloween, but shadow people are something like ghosts that often spook people and I myself have seen some. Really spooky. Explore other super games such Flaming Zombooka 2 and Bounzy Online at Comment and rate them if they make your day. Share our games with your best friends. Try them now! Controls A and D to move Left and Right S to Duck G to Jump W to Open Doors Space to Dash H to Attack *Jump whiling Dashing for a SUPER jump

Flaming Zombooka 2

The zombies are back! Pick a character, load up your flaming zombooka and take them out one by one! Its a puzzling physics based shooter where you have to avoid humans and pop off background explosives too weave through obstacles and finish each level. Zombie bazooking time has returned, now with more weapons, more gore, more ways to kill zombies, and a choice of character. Flaming Zombooka 2 is a funny physics-based zombie game from TurboNuke. Your mission is simple: Shoot all zombies to complete each level. Use headshots for more points. Aim and shoot with your mouse. Don't shoot humans. Enjoy the game and share it with your friends! You may want to play more similar games like Bounzy Online and Stickman Archer Online 3. Various genres with a lot of fun games are updated every day and you can easily explore them with a few clicks at! Much fun with Flaming Zombooka 2! How to Play Flaming Zombooka 2 Use your mouse to aim and calculate the velocity of your Bazooka. Use your left mouse button to fire a rocket and destroy the Zombie menace. Don not kill humans. Explode background elements for combo points! Controls Mouse, Aim, KILL

Tiny Hawk

Funny little skateboard game where you play as a kid trying to be Tony Hawk. Your job is to jump, Wall ride and grind your way through levels. Get your momentum up. Grind, ollie and walljump your way through 32 levels. You can also test your skill by going for medals on the levels. Each one has four medal levels, with the highest diamond level being very challenging, guaranteeing replay value for a long time. Tiny Hawk is a 2D platforming game on a skateboard from Polygon Toys. Use your skateboard to do kickflips, gind and wall jumps. Collect all gems to complete a level. Use left and right arrows to turn around and press arrow up to jump. Hold jump button to wall jump. Invite your friends and do not forget to share with them the fun of this game. If you like playing some other games like Surfer Archers and Penalty Fever 3D at You will have great moments of relaxation with friend. You are ready to play these games. Go it! Much fun with Tiny Hawk! Controls Up/W/Space: Jump/Ollie Left/A, Right/D: Switch directions Down/S: Drop down from a rail

Jerry Run N Eat Cheese

Jerry Run N Eat Cheese is an Kids game on kizi free games. You can play Jerry Run N Eat Cheese in your browser for free. Jerry is now going on a parkour journey to eat all kinds of delicious cheese and finally to win the gold cup! Let's experience the wonderful journey together with him!  It must be a dream, for there is more cheese than Jerry can count right outside in the yard. Real or not, let’s grant all this food won’t be wasted and carry it all to his little hole on the wall, but be careful with the traps along the way. Join our website to play more spectacular games such as Minions Adventures and Thumb Fighter. We are pleased to receive your comments. If you have a liking for our games, rate them. Good luck! Have fun!

Minions Adventures

Minions Adventures is an kids games on Online Kizi. You can play Minions Adventures in your browser for free. At the same time operating two roles. Two roles' directions of movement are opposite. Pass the level when two roles both reach the exports of the corresponding color with the dinosaur eggs of the corresponding color.  Follow the minions on yet another exciting adventure! Play with your favorite minion companion, and finish levels by working together! But be careful, the red minion walks the opposite direction of the blue minion! All your opinions are heartily welcomed. We hope that you can share and rate our splendid games. Play more games such as Thumb Fighter and Umbrella Falling Guy at Have a nice time! How to Play Minions Adventures Use the "WASD" keys to move. The red minion will go in the opposite direction of those keys. Both minions are controlled at the same time with the same key combinations.

Coco Face Art

Coco Face Art is a free girl game online at You can play Coco Face Art in full-screen mode in your browser without any annoying AD. If you have heard about the Coco story, we are sure you are going to be really curious to try out all the Coco games we have here in our Coco games category,a nd thsis time we are offering you a brand new one, this Coco Face Art game which we are sure you are really going to love and the truth is that we are really happy about this Coco Face Art game in which, as you can see, you can actually have the time of your life. And that is because Miguel, the boy and the main character in the Coco story, needs your help because he is just about to enter the stage and because that is the tradition, he wants to paint his face and for that he needs your help and Coco is sure you can do your best in this Coco Face Art game. You can even choose the face art you think looks the best and than simply try to do it on Miguel and it won't be difficult because this is jsut like a makeover game and you will have all the instructions you need.  You can play Coco Face Art in your browser for free. The boy Miguel in the film 'Coco' finally realized his dream of music, he wants to have a face art, can you help him? Choose your favorite pattern and follow the instructions to start your artwork. To be a talented artist. Don’t forget to check out more with many interesting games such as Princess Newborn Baby and Anna Looking For Candy at Kizi Free Games Have fun!   

Surfer Archers

Are they surfers or are they archers? They’re both, and in this cool and crazy action game, surf isn’t the only thing that’s up! Join the surfers while they take on some totally tubular monsters with awesome weapons like exploding arrows and more. Can you help them defeat these beachside beasts before they wipe out? Surfer Archers is a Skill game on Kizi. You can play Surfer Archers in your browser for free. Do you have bow shooting skills? Now you can see it in this game. If you hit the enemy in the head and legs, he will be killed and sent into the sea. If you're skilled, you can shoot a lot of people and get a lot of gold coins. In addition, we also help players play at to relax and comfort the most. Take your spare time to join new games and share exciting games with your friends. The joyful moments we recorded in new games like Penalty Fever 3D and Ping Pong. Have you started with your exciting adventure yet? Have fun and good luck.   

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