Kizi new best flash games on our site for all who love play online Kizi games at If you are looking for different games to advance your Kizi, you may play driving, racing, action, puzzle and girls games here. Select a game Kizi on this website and play it now! Kizi. !

Basketball Frvr

Come and play Basketball FRVR to showcase your talents and skills in basketball! Basketball FRVR online has the concept of a basketball hoop shooting game, which means it is simple to learn but brings a lot of fun. Basketball FRVR free is also a great choice for sports lovers. Invite your friends and play the game now!

Boomerang Sports

The game with the cutest characters and graphics is here at Kizi online! It's Boomerang Sports online game! Unlike the separated games, Boomerang Sports free provides the players with many choices to spice up their free time. If you like the cute characters from Cartoon Network, Boomerang Sports is a great choice as well.

Tennis Legends 2016

These legends in Kizi's game: Tennis Legends 2016 are the best on the tennis court with such great strength, amazing aiming ability and the great strategies for each and every opponent. Who is your favorite in Tennis Legends 2016? Come to play Tennis Legends 2016 free game to make the best of your playtime now!

Golfy Golf

Enjoy the most expensive hobby of yours without spending a penny in this online game in Kizi: Golfy Golf! You no longer have to spend money in the golf court expense. All you need to do is playing Golfy Golf online for the best playtime ever! Golfy Golf has the coolest graphics with a pixelated setting, try it out now!

Disco Bowling

Channel your inner dancer while playing bowling with Kizi's latest game: Disco Bowling online! Disco Bowling is the perfect choice for a lazy afternoon when you want to have some fun but don't have the energy to actually go to the game center. Play bowling with the funky music background in Disco Bowling for free now!

Stick Tennis

Hit the ball as far as you can to prevent the opponent to counter-serve it and win the game Stick Tennis at Kizi land! Stick Tennis online game brings lots of fun moment to the playtime thanks to its great design and cool features. Would you like to play a match of tennis? Join Stick Tennis for free now!

Halloween Basketball Legends

Nothing is more fun than playing a game of basketball while dressing up as a Halloween character in Halloween Basketball Legends online. In Halloween Basketball Legends, players get to experience such a unique game. We hope that Halloween Basketball Legends will spice up your playtime during this Haloween season!

Tap Tap Shots

Keep on tapping the screen to push the ball into the basket in Tap-Tap Shots online game at Kizi online games. Tap-Tap Shots free game has gained the attention and the love of many players and it's time you tried it out! Show us your skills and estimation ability by joining Tap-Tap Shots with your friends now!

Use the nitro booster to get the maximum speed in Nitro online game at Kizi online for a fun racing game! Nitro is created based on the idea of the bumper of the car. Such a unique idea makes Nitro free game much more outstanding and interesting than the other games online. Play it now!

Pet Sports

Guide your adorable pets to the finish line in this Pet Sports online game at online Kizi game! Prepare your pet for the tough competition and compete to claim the title of the best pet trainer! Once your pet is ready, let's enter Pet Sports free game. Pet Sports is such an adorable game, so gather your friends to play now!

Penalty Shooters

Bring the prize home by scoring the perfect penalty in Penalty Shooters online game by Kizi! Penalty Shooters free game is the perfect choice for the fan of the soccer who wants to get a training session without having to go to the actual field. Do you have some free time? If you do, try out Penalty Shooters now!

Swimming Pro

Swimming as a professional career is entirely different from the normal swimming in the summer. Let's start the training session for the tournament in Swimming Pro which is developed by Kizi. Swimming Pro online game is one of the best sports games online nowadays. Try out Swimming Pro free game now!


Let's join the training session online for free in Dunkers - Kizi's newest basketball game! Dunkers online game is not only for boys but also for adults who love this famous sports. Grab the chance to score as many dunks as possible and compete with your friends in Dunkers for free! Do you want to become the best?

Banana Split Pie

Make your own cake and show it to your friends by playing Banana Split Pie online game for free! Banana Split Pie free game is the perfect game for the girls who love cooking in their free time. Unlike real cooking, Banana Split Pie online doesn't cost too much money on ingredients. Let's bake some cakes now!

Advanced Pixel Apocalypse 3

Will you be able to lead your team to victory in Advanced Pixel Apocalypse 3 online game? Kizi invites all players to try out Advanced Pixel Apocalypse 3 free, the latest shooting game with the amazing graphics and designs. Try Advanced Pixel Apocalypse 3 free game for the best experience and the great skills!

Year Round Fashionista Anna

Glam up girls! Anna needs your fashion experience and great styling tips in Year Round Fashionista online game at Kizi games! Year Round Fashionista is the game for the stylish girls who are confident with their styles and can make others look beautiful as well. Come and show us your tips in Year Round Fashionista free!

Pizza Real Life Cooking

It's time you baked a virtual pizza in this realistic cooking game at Kizi! It's Pizza Real Life Cooking online game! Pizza Real Life Cooking has the concept which is similar to some other cooking games. However, Pizza Real Life Cooking stands out thanks to its realistic experience and cool graphics. Try it out now!

Cleaning Spa Salon

The task of keeping the spa squeaky clean is yours! Help Elsa with the task of Cleaning Spa Salon in Kizi's latest online game. In Cleaning Spa Salon free game, you are responsible for taking out the trashes and arranging the products. Do your task and have fun with Elsa in Cleaning Spa Salon online game now!

Robo Rumble 2

If you like solving puzzles and quizzes in your free time, Robo Rumble 2 online game is the perfect choice for you! Kizi is the first place to provide lots of games like Robo Rumble 2 for free, so don't hesitate to try out as many games as you can. Overcome the challenges in Robo Rumble 2 online now!

Animal Quiz

How many animals do you know? Check your knowledge in Animal Quiz - Kizi's latest trivia game for both adults and children. In Animal Quiz free game, you will arrange the letters to create the correct names of the animals. Let's get all the perfect answer in Animal Quiz game and know some new names!

Twitch Clicker

Do you know that you can get rich just by clicking on the view in the latest online game: Twitch Clicker at Kizi 2 game? Twitch Clicker is a unique game in which you come up with the video and click on it to gain money. Making money has never been this easy with Twitch Clicker free game! Check it out now!

Slope Tunnel

Slide through the tunnel and conquer the labyrinth in Slope Tunnel online game for kids at Kizi game! Slope Tunnel free game might make you a little dizzy at first, but when you get used to it, the game is one of the funniest to play in the free time! Challenge yourself and your friends in Slope Tunnel online now!

Uphill Rush 6

Do you like to come to Kizi's waterpark? Just join our online game Uphill Rush 6 to enjoy the waterslide in the summer sun! Players in Uphill Rush 6 free will slide down the tubes while collecting cash and knocking other customers out of the way. Uphill Rush 6 will bring many memorable moments to your summer trip!

School Bus License

Control the large bus to deliver the kids to the school at School Bus License online game at Kizi land. School Bus License is the game for players who want to practice the driving skills with a bigger car. This game requires both the strength and the precise estimation. Come and play School Bus License free now!

Cats vs Dogs

Win the match in Cats Vs Dogs online game at Kizi to become the top player! Since there are enemies coming from every direction in Cats Vs Dogs, it's important to keep moving in order to avoid being attacked. Cats Vs Dogs free game will require the ability to work as a team and the great communication skill. Play now! is a simple yet interesting choice for the risky players at free Kizi land. Since the balloons explode even at the slightest touch, the risk of explosion is relatively high in The other balloons are controlled by the computers so they are not as smart as you are. Come and try out now!

It's time to enjoy three famous games Connect 4, Gomoku and Tic-tac-toe by opening just one game:! Just like the name of it, online is the collection of the games which have the paper theme. Learn how to play these games and be on the Leaderboard at free game in Kizi land now!

Keep jumping from one stone to another and collect all the gem while staying balanced in online game - one of Kizi's best survival games! The little monster in is trying his best to gather the precious gem. Should we give him a hand? Come to free game for kids to try out the game!

Search every nook and cranny of the map to collect all of the gems in - Kizi's latest combat game. free game includes lots of cool missions, along with the amazing graphics and the vivid images. You won't be disappointed with such an insanely fun game like online. Check it out now!

War In Space

Compete against many players from all around the world to become the King of the Galaxy in the famous War In Space online game at Kizi land online. War In Space guarantees to bring lots of memorable moments thanks to its elaborated storyline. If you love the space theme, don't forget to try out the ultimate War In Space!

In online game, Kizi creates a platform for boxing lovers to attack with fierce face punches and combos to knock out others. Keep moving, keep punching, and land that critical blow to win! Use your bare fists to punch and hurt your enemies! Come to free to join the battle now!

Beachball Online

Bath in the warm sunlight and hit the ball through the net to gain some scores at Beachball Online game! Beachball Online is a multiplayer sports game that is available at Kizi for players who love a great beachball match. Do you have some free time? Show us your athletic side with Beachball Online for free now!

Spidey Swing

All of us are familiar with the story of Spiderman, and lots of kids dream of possessing the same power. Now, your dream can become true with Spidey Swing online game at Kizi. Help the superhero to complete the tasks at Spidey Swing now! Make sure that your character in Spidey Swing free game stays in one piece!

Hop on the best car in your collection and compete in the battle of online game! is an HTML5 game with the cool artworks of the cars since it's created for the car lovers at Kizi land. Will you be able to destroy each and every opponent in free game? Join this addictive game now!

Create your own queen fish by eating up other creatures at - the newest game with the marine theme at Kizi land! The creatures at online game are swimming around in the vast ocean and they are evolving. Can your fish become the queenfish and reign Come and try out the game now!

There is no doubt that you will be easily hooked on Kizi's latest game:! More and more platform games are showing up, and is one of the best games with the marine theme. Players will get a chance to play the role of a salmon and dash through the sea in online. Play the game now!

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