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Kiss Under the Moonlight

What a lovely coincidence: the very first day of summer vacation came with one of Cupid's love arrows for these cuties here! They're madly in love with each other and counting on your help as their closest friend so that they can give each other romantic kisses at midnight. Get the kiss under the moonlight game started! Two kids want to have their very first kiss under the moonlight, next to the firelight but without being seen by their friends. Some birds are flying around too so take care and watch your back. Don’t hesitate anymore. Let’s join us and find how many scores you can get. Have a good luck! If you want to challenge yourself with more superb online games, visit There are plenty of splendid games which are available such as Coco Face Art and Princess Newborn Baby

Coco Face Art

Coco Face Art is a free girl game online at You can play Coco Face Art in full-screen mode in your browser without any annoying AD. If you have heard about the Coco story, we are sure you are going to be really curious to try out all the Coco games we have here in our Coco games category,a nd thsis time we are offering you a brand new one, this Coco Face Art game which we are sure you are really going to love and the truth is that we are really happy about this Coco Face Art game in which, as you can see, you can actually have the time of your life. And that is because Miguel, the boy and the main character in the Coco story, needs your help because he is just about to enter the stage and because that is the tradition, he wants to paint his face and for that he needs your help and Coco is sure you can do your best in this Coco Face Art game. You can even choose the face art you think looks the best and than simply try to do it on Miguel and it won't be difficult because this is jsut like a makeover game and you will have all the instructions you need.  You can play Coco Face Art in your browser for free. The boy Miguel in the film 'Coco' finally realized his dream of music, he wants to have a face art, can you help him? Choose your favorite pattern and follow the instructions to start your artwork. To be a talented artist. Don’t forget to check out more with many interesting games such as Princess Newborn Baby and Anna Looking For Candy at Kizi Free Games Have fun!   

Princess Newborn Baby

Barbie Newborn Baby is a free girl game online at juegos kizi. You can play Barbie Newborn Baby in full-screen mode in your browser without any annoying ads In our palace are many beautiful princesses, smart and have spouses. One of princesses must give birth and we have to help a little because he does not feel well. We need to find someone to help her, give her everything she will ask and to transport the car to the hospital she should be delivered. We thought of you, because you have all the qualities needed to do this, and in this kizi free game you have to help the beautiful princess. 1) First you have to help her to eat, because you have to stay in bed and bring them food. 2) then you must make them because treatment is to give birth and be prepared. 3) have to go to hospital because he feels increasingly worse and doctors want to monitor. 4) after the baby was born, have to weigh and to play a little with him. 5) still have to go home and show him all the toys he has. 6) we have to put the baby to bed and tried to sleep. Today Alina goes shopping with her mother. They want to buy some swaddling clothes and dresses to her baby.But when they are walking in the supermarket,her feels that she is going to give birth to the baby. So her mother takes her to the nearest hospital which is a small private hospital.Now Alina is lying on the bed.No one can be allowed to accompany with her,she felt so alone and she is a little worried about the level of the doctors.Girls,I know you have learned some skills ,so it’s a good chance for you to help her using your skills. You can help her finish the operation soon. Girls,Alina is waiting for you,can you help her ?Come on! Thanks you agreed to help us in this kizi game because this princess could not handle alone. We need to help their child dress as the rest of the family has to come home and the child must be dressed up. If you want to look for more games as fun as this one, check out Anna Looking For Candy and Snow Po Seaside Holiday at Good luck!

Anna Looking For Candy

Anna has a sweet tooth, but sweets are not so good for her, so Olaf has been hiding them all around the house. Can you help her find them all without being caught? There are a lot of types of candy, you have bars of chocolate, candy canes, pralines, cookies and even jaw breakers. Click on them when you see any, but make sure she doesn't get seen by Olaf. When you see him coming, hide behind the wardrobe by clicking your mouse on it and holding it for as long as Olaf is around. You should look for candy everywhere, including behind the fluffy teddy bear. The kizigame is simple as that and very entertaining. Anna will really enjoy all the candy she gets and don't worry, Olaf will not be too upset about it. It's all in good fun. Anna loves eatting candies very much, but Olaf thinks it's bad to her health, so he hide the candies in his room. Now Anna decides to find all of them and eat them! Help her looks for the candy! Share this game with friends and rate it at Comment on it and seek other games like Snow Po Seaside Holiday and Mermaid Princess Hand Doctor. Have a good time! Game Instruction mouse click or tap screen

Snow Po Seaside Holiday

Snow Po Seaside Holiday is a free girl game online at kizi juegos new. You can play Snow Po Seaside Holiday in full-screen mode in your browser without any ads. Olaf is a snowman that doesn't fear much and wants to take advantage of all aspects of life, so he has decided to go on holiday at the seaside. Go with him and help him unpack everything he got. He wants to do what other people are doing, like lie on the beach, but you'd better make sure he opens up his umbrella because the sun might melt him. Sunglasses and SPF lotion are a must for everyone, but especially for him. Then break a coconut and let him drink from it, because it's delicious, but also because he needs to keep himself hydrated. He also brought some lemonade with him for the same purposes. Then he can have some fun by burying himself in the sand, playing beach volleyball or go swimming or surfing in the sea. This snowman Olaf will take a seaside holiday, he prepared all things he needs and called the taxi. He reach the seaside and attracted by the beautiful scenery. Help him enjoy his holiday and take part in many activities.  If you have a soft spot for this game, rate it highly. Discover cool games such as Mermaid Princess Hand Doctor and Burger Now at Introduce them to your best friends. Make comments on our service. Have a great time! How to play? mouse click or tap screen to play

Mermaid Princess Hand Doctor

Mermaid Princess Hand Doctor is a Dress Up game on kizi juegos online. You can play Mermaid Princess Hand Doctor in your browser for free. Mermaid needs to do some work, collect garbage and coins, but her hands were injured by accident, now you need to take a surgery for her hands and then decorate them. Can you make her hands back to beautiful? The mermaid princess want to clean up her underwater room, so she decides to throw away all the trash in the garbage bin. But while she did this she hurt her hand. Be her doctor and help her out. Start by cutting away the vines wrapped around her hands. Then remove the cists on her hand. Then use a pair of tweezers to gently remove the hair. Then use a antiseptic lotion to destroy all the bacteria on her hands. Apply a cream on her wounds to help them heal. Bandage her hands and use a cue tip to clean her nails. Wash her hands to clean them up. Now that her hands are all healed and clean, you can do her manicure with a colorful nail polish and some fun prints like flowers, diamonds or bunnies. Accessorize with precious jewelry. Go and have fun with this game and a lot more at such as Burger Now and Rapunzel Repair Bicycle Have a great time!

Burger Now

Burger Now is a free girl game online at kizi free. You can play Burger Now in full-screen mode in your browser without any annoying AD. Hey, come here! There is a burger shop, now, you are the owner. Now, start your work! Run your restaurant, receive your customers and cook burgers they want.  Do you like eating burgers? Burger Now is an addicting management game, you need to make the right burgers for your customers. If you run out of time or make the wrong burger, you will lose your money. We are glad to see your comments. Rate the juegos kizi. Share it with your friends to invite them to play with you. Are you ready to play many marvelous games such as Love Tester 3 and Rapunzel Repair Bicycle at Have fun!

Rapunzel Repair Bicycle

Rapunzel Repair Bicycle is a free game for girl to play online at You can play Rapunzel Repair Bicycle in your browser for free. All the Disney princesses from our website have a great time playing girl games with you, so today dear children you can see that we have brought for you a very special Rapunzel games category game, in which you and the beautiful Disney princess will be able to ride your bikes together. There is only one problem though, Rapunzel's bicycle is broken, and you have to help the beautiful Disney princess to find all the tools that she is going to need to repair the bicycle, and that means that you will have to fix and and after that even decorate it in order to have a great time, and we are sure that you will manage to have a great time with the Disney princess, which will return and bring for you more Rapunzel games kizi for girls, and many other dress up and decoration girl games that you can play with all your friends. You may also like: Love Tester 3 and Banana Split Pie It's a beautiful day and the sun is shining. Rapunzel wants to ride a bicycle. But the bike is broken. Can you help rapunzel fix it? The first thing you need to do is clean the bike and repair the damage. Then you start to decorate the bike to make it look beautiful. Have fun playing Rapunzel Repair Bicycle.  How to play? Use the MOUSE to play. You can also read the instructions that Rapunzel Repair Bicycle are given in the game and follow them carefully!

Love Tester 3

Is he the one for me? Would she marry me? Put an end to all your doubts and start using the third version of the ultimate and precise Love Tester. Enter your name, and the name of the person of your dreams and let technologie do it's job. Warning: hearts might get broken and couples could get torn apart, but lots of beautiful love stories are going to start with this kizi land game.

Banana Split Pie

Make your own cake and show it to your friends by playing Banana Split Pie online game for free! Banana Split Pie free game is the perfect game for the girls who love cooking in their free time. Unlike real cooking, Banana Split Pie online doesn't cost too much money on ingredients. Let's bake some cakes now!

Year Round Fashionista Anna

Glam up girls! Anna needs your fashion experience and great styling tips in Year Round Fashionista online game at Kizi games! Year Round Fashionista is the game for the stylish girls who are confident with their styles and can make others look beautiful as well. Come and show us your tips in Year Round Fashionista free!

Pizza Real Life Cooking

It's time you baked a virtual pizza in this realistic cooking game at Kizi! It's Pizza Real Life Cooking online game! Pizza Real Life Cooking has the concept which is similar to some other cooking games. However, Pizza Real Life Cooking stands out thanks to its realistic experience and cool graphics. Try it out now!

Cleaning Spa Salon

The task of keeping the spa squeaky clean is yours! Help Elsa with the task of Cleaning Spa Salon in Kizi's latest online game. In Cleaning Spa Salon free game, you are responsible for taking out the trashes and arranging the products. Do your task and have fun with Elsa in Cleaning Spa Salon online game now!

Barbie Hiking Date

Barbie's date comes when she's hiking on a beautiful day with her boyfriend. The Barbie Hiking Date game at Kizi 4 games online challenges the player to design clothes and make up for Barbie. Which style would suit Barbie in the Barbie Hiking Date? Choose the outfit you like in this Barbie Hiking Date right now. Hurry!

Farm Frenzy 3

Farm Frenzy 3 free is the online kizi game which will equip the players with the necessary skills and techniques to run their own farms. Farm Frenzy 3 has the vivid graphics and carefully drawn details to optimize the players' experience. If you want to enjoy the air of the countryside, play Farm Frenzy 3 online game now!

Fruit Chef

Do you want to experience a day as a Fruit Chef? It's not an easy job and it takes special techniques and lots of training to slice the fruits perfectly. Therefore, start your training with Fruit Chef at Kizi land to learn the basics. Fruit Chef will bring the enjoyable moment for all players. Check it out now!

Super Barbie Sauna Realife

Have you had a tough day? If you are looking for a way to relax, join Kizi's latest game Super Barbie Sauna Realife! This game has a unique storyline. In Super Barbie Sauna Realife, you will have the chance to join the superwomen in a sauna session. Are you curious about Super Barbie Sauna Realife free game?

Magic School Slacking

Sarah invites you to come and learn how to cast a spell and mix potions with Magic School Slacking at best Kizi land! Magic School Slacking free is a simulation game in which you can interact with Sarah. Experience a magic lesson at Magic School Slacking by inviting your friends to play with you for free!

Frozen Rush

Frozen Rush is a new game which is created based on the original idea of the Frozen movie. If you love to hang out with Anna and Elsa at Kizi games land, Frozen Rush free game is the perfect game for you. Jump through the traps, fly in the air to restore the crystals to the sacred land with Frozen Rush online now!

Pou Girl New Look

Pou is a famous character at Kizi land and this time, let's transform her appearance at Pou Girl New Look game! Create the best look for Pou Girl New Look free game to make Pou happy and enjoy a fun time. Also, players will learn the basics of makeup in Pou Girl New Look game. Gather your girls and play now!

Cinderella's Wedding Makeup

The Cinderella's wedding day is nearby, and Cinderella's Wedding Makeup is one of the crucial points. Kizi game is recruiting a great makeup artist to transform Cinderella for this day. Can you become the person in charge of Cinderella's Wedding Makeup free? Cinderella's Wedding Makeup is available online now!

Elsa Dream Of Butterfly

Have you ever dreamt of a world which is full of butterflies? Create your own at Elsa Dream Of Butterfly game online at Kizi land! It's a magical world made by Elsa Dream Of Butterfly and you won't be able to find it anywhere else. Fly with us to Elsa Dream Of Butterfly free game for a new adventure!

My County Life

Have you ever taken care of a farm by yourself? In My County Life, you will possess your own farm and earn a large amount of money from farming! Grow seeds, harvest products and sell them for money now in My County Life game of games kizi online Let’s play and become the richest farmer in the world!

Bffs Weekend Activities

Are you curious about what our beautiful princesses do in the weekend? In the Bffs Weekend Activities game, you can come into their world to lend them a hand to prepare for the happy weekend! We are sure you are going to love it and that is why Bffs Weekend Activities is here in Kizi games online

Bff's Wedding Room

Two best friends Elsa and Rapunzel are getting married on the same day at Bff's Wedding Room game. Come to Bff's Wedding Room free to decorate the beautiful wedding rooms as a gift for the princesses. Bff's Wedding Room is one of the best girl games at Kizi games online now, so check it out!

Dora The Babysitter Slacking

Turn the nursery room into your own playground with Dora The Babysitter Slacking online! Dora The Babysitter Slacking free is the new game from the category for kids at kizi games free. Pretend to look after the baby and play the games with Dora. Don't let her mom find out about Dora The Babysitter Slacking!

Luscious Wedding Cake Decor

Luscious Wedding Cake Decor game is available online for free at games kizi for cake lovers! Do you want to learn how to make the most beautiful and Luscious Wedding Cake? We provide the detailed tutorials and we will guide you through. Don't miss out the chance to play Luscious Wedding Cake online game!

Papa's Hot Doggeria

Papa's Hot Doggeria free game is a new game from the Papa series. This time at kizi games online, you will assist in making the Papa's Hot Doggeria for the hungry customers. Can you make the most delicious hotdogs? Prove your skills at Papa's Hot Doggeria game online!

Princess Tailor Shop

Enhance your skills and your love for tailoring with Princess Tailor Shop online game at Kizi games. The concept of Princess Tailor Shop online is different from that of other games. Now with Princess Tailor Shop free game, you will sew up a dress from scratch. Let's play it now!

Elsa Dye Hair Design

We are here with a new play better prepared for the snow country beautiful princess Elsa. This time Elsa's up our game girls, we need to choose the dress and hair care. On the screen using the materials, Elsa takes care of and we adorn it in the best way. Have a great time at kizi land.

Frozen Highschool Mischief

Elsa and Anna have to attend Maleficent's classes, but they get bored easily and start daydreaming. Help the two Frozen sisters cause some mischief behind the evil fairy's back. Turn the subjects of Magic and Biology into a fun experience and pass the tricky tests!

Design Your Frozen Wedding Dress

Oh today is the most happy day of Anna and Elsa's life and you are invited too. Frozen sisters are getting married to their prince charmings but before the happy ending, you should design the perfect wedding gowns for our princesses. They trust you! Let's prepare them for the dream wedding.

Beauty Royal Ball

Beauty's Royal Ball, Beauty is determined to host the best party ever! Could you lend her a hand while she makes invitations and prepares the menu for her next royal ball? She could really use your help in this game for girls. Have a great time at kizi juegos!!!

Debutante Disney Princesses

Play new game Debutante Disney Princesses for free online at our website In this kizi online game, you will meet again four princesses Elsa, Merida, Snow White and Belle! As you know, debutante bal is coming and these Disney princesses want to look really special and cute.

Casual Weekend Fashionistas

Ariel and Elsa are two fashionista who are also good friends. They want to spend a casual weekend together, but they still need to look cute. Can you help them pick the right outfits? Start with Ariel and style her hair in two braided tails or a short bob. Have fun!

Princess Blind Date

These princesses are best friends and they got bored with the Valentine's Days they had so far. This year they are looking for a challenge! And what could be more exciting than a double blind date?

Tom And Angela Cinema Kissing

Tom and Angela went to the cinema but they are not interested in the movie. They want to kiss and they need your help because others are watching them. Keep and eye on Ben and Ginger and help Angela and Tom kiss. Have fun!

Romantic Date Makeup Tutorial

Romantic Date Makeup Tutorial is a dress up girl make up game and this game free online kizi. If you liked Romantic Date Makeup Tutorial, try other games like dress up games, girl games, make up games and more. Play game Romantic Date Makeup Tutorial now on this game site.

Ellie Love Trouble

Ellie has a big crush on her sister's boyfriend. This is a very unusual situation and Ellie is in a big trouble. You can not choose who you love so help Ellie kiss the boy she likes without getting caught. Keep an eye on the time and be careful not to be seen by anyone. Let's see how this love trouble will end. Have fun

Little Girl First Bike

The little girl feel bored in summer time. The man wants to give his sweet little girl a bike to surprise her. This is the first bike of the girl. Join her dad in preparing the bike. Choose parts of the bike, build the bike and help the girl dress up. Then how does the man teach the sweet girl ride the bike?

Disney Couple Wanted

Play the Kizi game 2018: Disney Couple Wanted on your smartphone, pad or tablet directly without installation. Elsa and Jack, Rapunzel and Flynn, the two Disney couples like One Piece so much, they decide to take some photos and make a wanted for themselves. Can you help them?

Spank Cute Baby Booty

Naughty Baby has difficulty finishing meal. Mom is so angry about it! Now we need to punish the baby to make her be good, and let the baby eat meal! Have fun at Kizi! If you like Spank Cute Baby Booty, you can put it to your favorites. So it can be convenient for you to play later!

Talking Ginger Shaving

Play the mobile game Talking Ginger Shaving on your smartphone, pad or tablet directly without installation. It's too bad that Ginger got hurt! Look at him! He has a lot of wound on the body, please take care of him. Oh! His hair are too long and messy! Let's give Ginger a shaving and makeover him! Have fun at Kizi!

Masha Facial Spa

Even if she is just a little girl, Masha has some problems with her skin. Let us help her look her best and give her a beauty treatment. Follow the instructions and use the tools and creams to make Masha look beautiful. Have fun at Kizi land!

Princess Hard Times

Mandala is one of the best stress-relieving activities, that's why Aurora loves it so much. Having a warm drink is another way to feel cozy and elevate the mood. Unfortunately, the princess is still sad and she needs someone to talk to.

Lovers Spank Booty

Lovers always like playing some games to enhance each other's feelings. In this funny kizigame, the loser of the game will be spanked by the other. Will you give your lover a hard spank or just a gentle touch! Have fun! If you like Lovers Spank Booty, you can put it to your favorites. So it can be convenient for you to play later!

Frozen Coloring Book

Do you think that you have the hidden talent of an artist? Come and find out by trying the Frozen Coloring Book here at Kizi games. This chance is for you. Jump into with Frozen Coloring Book right away!

Iphone X Makeover

So come and join her in getting the 'iPhone X Makeover' and while working out your amazing skills try to repair her broken gadget. Open it up ...

Elsa Coming-of-age Ceremony

Play the game Elsa Coming-of-age Ceremony on mobiles and tablets. No downloads or plug-ins needed, enjoy! Today is Elsa's coming-of-age ceremony, she is a little nervous.

Fidget Spinner For Girls

Fidget Spinners For Girls. These are a collection of fidget spinners for girls. These girl fidget spinners come in pinks, purples, leopard designs and more.

Fashion Magazine 2017

Fashion Magazine 2017 is a free online game on Kizi Land. You can find 40 more games similiar to Fashion Magazine 2017 on the page, enjoy!

Princesses Masquerade Party

Princesses Masquerade Party is an online mobile game presented by, the html5 game is playable in browsers such as safari and chrome.

Princess In Minion Style

Play the game Princess In Minion Style on mobiles and tablets. No downloads or plug-ins needed, enjoy! Minions are so cute! Our princesses like them, too.

Frozen Family Dress Up

Frozen family has two couples, Elsa and Jack, Anna and Kristoff. Now, your task is to dress the two couples up in different styles, sportswear, fashion clothes for rock party, dress for royal ball and home clothes.

Princesses Color Dress

Princesses Color Dress - Kizi Land Games. Play the game Princesses Color Dress on mobiles and tablets. No downloads or plug-ins needed, enjoy!

Girls Photo Shopping Dressup

Play Girls Photoshopping Dressup girl game on Kizi Land. Dress up your model in the free fashion game Girls Photoshopping Dressup!

Princess Fidget Spinner Design

Do you like fidget spinner? you can design it with princesses Elsa, Anna, and Rapunzel.Try your best to do it!In the fina, they will have a competition! Have a try!

Elsa Vs Cinderella Fashion Contest

Play Elsa Vs Cinderella Fashion Contest at Kizi Land. In today's fashion battle, you ladies are getting the chance to dress up too of the most beloved Disney princesses out there.

Grow Island

Grow Island is the most famous game of the grow series. Your mission is to develop the island by growing each panel to its maximum.

Taylor Swift Fantasy Hairstyle

Taylor Swift Fantasy Hairstyle. Taylor Swift has been changing her hair style from one to another. Help Taylor Swift find her the best Fantasy Hairstyle today!