Kids Games

Pigeon Bomber

Fly through the city with our pigeon and have fun with the latest game Pigeon Bomber online! Kizi guarantees that Pigeon Bomber game will create a relaxing playtime and memorable moments with your friends. Take the role the of naughty pigeon and drop some bombs on people's heads with Pigeon Bomber game for kids now!

Pacman Battle

If you are a fan of Pacman, try out a new game for kids at Online Kizi land: Pacman Battle online! Pacman Battle free game has shown up recently, however, it has already gained the love of the players from around the world. For a fun running game with Pacman, join Pacman Battle game for kids with your friends now!

Mutant Fighting Cup 2

The mutants are back at Mutant Fighting Cup 2 online game at Kizi land! The animals have mutated and transformed into more powerful creatures at Mutant Fighting Cup 2, so you should come and show us your mutant. Prepare to be amazed at more challenges, more characters, and better updates with Mutant Fighting Cup 2!

Pheus And Mor

Pheus And Mor are waiting for you to join them at Kizi game land! These two friends got lost in the mystery land and they are struggling to find a way out. Can you help Pheus And Mor with this problem? This puzzle game is interesting enough to spice up your playtime with your friends. Play Pheus And Mor free game now!

Sea Fishing Tropical

Go on a trip to explore the Sea Fishing Tropical online with your friends at Kizi land now! It's the fishing season at Sea Fishing Tropical island and there are many species for you to catch. Don't miss out the opportunity to bring home a large number of fishes and enjoy the scenery at Sea Fishing Tropical free game!

Super Mario Star Scramble 3

Jump, break the blocks and slide down the pipe with Mario at Super Mario Star Scramble 3 free game! Super Mario Star Scramble 3 online is one of the new games at Kizi land online with the Mario theme. Are you a fan of Mario and his friends? If you are, we invite you to come and try out Super Mario Star Scramble 3 free now!

Angry Birds Of Rio

The Angry Birds are back at Kizi land with the latest version of game: Angry Birds Of Rio! This time, you will help the birds to break down the tower and escape from Angry Birds Of Rio. Experience the beautiful scenery with Angry Birds Of Rio game online for free and have fun with the adorable angry birds now!

Guns And Blocks

Bang! Shoot down all the blocks with your spaceship at Guns And Blocks - Kizi land latest game. Guns And Blocks brings you the great playtime as this is a perfect game to destress after a hard-working day. Should you like shooting games, play Guns And Blocks free game now! Are you confident in your skills?

Mario Great Adventure 3

If you are looking for a new adventure, check out Mario Great Adventure 3 online at kizi games. Mario Great Adventure 3 free game is loved by many players all around the world. Should you have free time, don't hesitate to invite your friends to compete against each other at Mario Great Adventure 3 games online!

Spongebob Quirky Turkey

Have you ever been in the situation of being chased to kill? Spongebob Quirky Turkey will have you an awesome experience of running to save your own life. Play a role of a chicken on the Thanksgiving day and try your best to get out of being slain in Spongebob Quirky Turkey game of Kizi land games

Nightmare In Elmore

Nightmare In Elmore game is an exciting journey of a green cat in kizi free games. Would you like to participate in this fun adventure of Nightmare In Elmore game? Meet the pink clouds, blue balloons and smiles everywhere in the city. Discover it right now!

Olaf The Viking

Watch out! Olaf The Viking at Kizi online games is a speed game. If you are a speed enthusiast, don’t miss the opportunity to explore Olaf The Viking game online and enjoy many exciting experiences. Are you ready to jump through all the challenges? Good luck!


We need to find a companion for the green dragon in Dragoniada at Kizi online games. The exciting journey of the green dragon is waiting for you in Dragoniada online game. Explore the sky, defeat the enemy, and experience great things in Dragoniada game. Hope that you will have a great time!

Break Through The Sky

Who wants to fly in the air and discover many miracles in the sky? Take part in our exciting adventure in Break Through The Sky game at Kizi games and enjoy many wonderful things. Break Through The Sky game online is ready for you here. Click! Click! Click!

Bob The Robber 5

How would you escape a house full of guards if you're a robber? Show us your way at Bob The Robber 5 game online by Kizi games for kids. Bob The Robber 5 game has the unique storyline and vivid images, along with cool characters. Come to check out Bob The Robber 5 free game with your friends right now!

Bob The Robber 4: Russia

Can you sneak through many guards? If you are capable of doing this, you're the perfect candidate for Bob The Robber 4: Russia online at kizi games! Bob The Robber 4: Russia is the fourth sequel in this series. The developers of Bob The Robber 4: Russia free game want to bring the best game to our players, so play now!

Bus Subway Runner

Run as fast as you can with the little boy at Bus Subway Runner free for an exciting playtime now! If you love endless games, Bus Subway Runner is the one you should play with your friends. There will be many differences from other mediocre games, so don't hesitate to check out Bus Subway Runner online at kizi online games!

Dolphin Olympics 2

The sequel to Dolphin Olympics features smoother gameplay, more tricks, and more stuff to see at kizi 2018. Score as many points as possible in 2 minutes by swimming and flipping your dolphin. Successful jumps build speed, allowing for bigger and better tricks!

Inferno Meltdown

Inferno Meltdown is another cool firefighter platform game from game kizi. Take on the role of a firefighter and put out hazardous fires that threaten civilian populations and property. Aim the hose with your mouse and move the firebot with WASD. Drop sprinklers with SPACEBAR. Prevent the meltdown and stop the inferno!

Pou Shave Time

Pou Shave Time is an online Kizi game, it's playable on all smartphones or tablets, such as iPhone, iPad, Samsung and other Apple and android system. Oh, Pou have to shave today, he will join an important meeting. Can you help him shave using the tools given to you? He will be glad if you can do this! Enjoy your time with pou!

SpongeBob Ice Shop

SpongeBob runs an ice shop today and he needs some help in his first working day. Can you give him a hand to handle these customers with different requests? He will be so happy if you did that because he is really a beginner of manage an ice shop. Thank you!

Spongebob Pizza Restaurant

Play the game Spongebob Pizza Restaurant on Kizi. No downloads or plug-ins needed, enjoy! Spongebob opened a pizza restaurant recently and now he is so busy. Can you help him prepare foods your customers request in limited time? He will appreciate for your help and you will be the best friend of Spongebob. Have a good day

Buggy Hidden Tires

Buggy Hidden Tires - click to play online. Buggy Hidden Tires, a hidden objects game. Find out all tires on each level in limited time. If you do more mistakes the game will be over. So, if you are ready to start the game and have fun at Kizi Game online!!


Take on the role of the cute miner Diggy. To provide for his family he has to dig deep into the ground through different ground types to recover tons of valuable articles. The more Diggy can collect the more cash he earns for useful upgrades. Much fun!

Reel Gold

Reel Gold is an addictive mining game. Aim of the game is to clear each level of gold before the time runs out. Move your mine wagon around on the rails with left and right arrows. Fire the rope down to reel in gold with arrow up/down. Have a great time at Kizi Land.

Ben 10 The Alien Device

Play Ben 10 The Alien Device on Kizi Land, Gwen and Grandpa Max solving puzzles on an epic adventure to stop Vilgax. But first you'll have to go through Kevin Levin, who has escaped from the Null Void and is out for revenge. Use the Rustbucket and Plumber technology like the Null Void Projector to stop him.

Mia Dentist Pepper

Play the game Mia Dentist Pepper on mobiles and tablets. No downloads or plug-ins needed, enjoy! Mia Dentist Pepper is a relaxation game about surgery, you are a dentist and your job is cure all your patients using items we give to you. Don't worry, you will be the best dentist! Have fun on kizi!

Rolling Sky

Rolling Sky is an amazing 3D endless runner game that will challenge your reaction speed! Survive for as long as possible and overcome traps and obstacles. When you hit an obstacle, you have to restart the level, so stay focused! Have a great time on Kizi Land games!!!

Skate Hooligans

Skate away from the cops! This 3D adventure game dares you to escape on a skateboard. You can roll on a rocket, watermelon, or flaming deck. Max, Kitty, and Katsuro perform different tricks. Ollie over cars and cones in Skate Hooligans at Kizi Land!

Escaping The Prison

Play Escaping The Prison on Kizi. Solve mini-puzzles to escape from prison! Your objective is to get past the guards without being caught. You can choose from a variety of tools at each stage throughout the time game. If you make all of the right choices,

Fix Your Transformer

Fix Your Transformer. Your transformer was injured when he was fighting with crimes, now he really need you help. Using tools we give to you to fix your transformer, when he recover, you can fight crimes with him again. Hurry up or he will be dangerous. H

Creep Craft 2

Creep craft 2 minecraft free and slots online, now you can create your skin creeper to start a new adventure in the world of 2d minecraft. First you have to follow the footsteps of steve to complete the tutorial and then begin with this new release of cr

Pokemon Tower Defense

Pokemon Tower Defense is a great strategy game with amazing retro-pixel art graphics and far more than one hundred unique Pokemon characters. Select and coach your pokemon, put your tower on the greatest places and prevent all waves of enemies. You can le

Frank N Slime

Take on the role of the funny Frank n Slime and break out of a maze-like laboratory. In each stage you have to figure out how to overcome deadly traps as you are trying to reach the exit door safely.

Super M. Crossover 2

Super M. Crossover 2 is a game online at Kizi Land. You can play Super M. Crossover 2 in full-screen mode in your browser for free without any annoying AD.


Retrocan is an action platformer with an old school aesthetic on Kizi Land. The whole city has been invaded by mysterious pixelated monsters, so it's up to Neek and his allies to save the day!

Cg Mario New Levels

Play Cg Mario New Levels online for free on Kizi Land. Cg Mario New Levels is a Boy game which you can play on mobile and tablet without annoying ad, enjoy!

Go Kizi Go

Play Go kizi go on Kizi! Run as far as you can while dumping the bad guys back into space. Go kizi go is totally free and requires no registration!

Kizi Trek

Play as the cute dragon boy in Kizi Trek game and make your way through three different weird places on Kizi Games Land.

Hardware Tycoon

Developing hardware could lead you to a big fortune and popularity, as we’ve already seen in lots of cases. But, do you have what it takes to make it in the world of technology and business? Play Hardware Tycoon

Lego Ninjago Coloring

Lego Ninjago Coloring - Kizi Games. Fun, printable Lego Ninjago coloring pages for your kids to color and download. Crafts, creative activities and more, all for free.

Cookie Blast Mania

Cookie Blast Mania is a Fun and Unique Game of Kizi Land online, a Delicious New Match-3 Puzzle Game that brings a lot of Fresh and Sweet Challenges!

Abcd Edu Kids

Looking for a fun, free, and simple educational app to help your toddler learn phonics and trace letters of the alphabet? Look no further than ABC Kids.

Freekick Training

Free Kick Training, Can you lead your nation to victory in over a dozen free kick ... earn lots of goals but also gather tons of stars too in this online soccer game.

Baby Hazel Magic Show

Play Baby Hazel: Magic Show online on Kizi Games Online. Every day new Girls Games online! Baby Hazel: Magic Show is Safe, Cool to play and Free!

Kizi Adventures

Play Kizi adventures on Kizi! Kizi Adventures is a fun platformer games where kizi has to find all pieces of his spaceship and get back to his home planet!

Monster Eats Candy

Game Monster Eats Candy online. In the game Monster Eats Candy, we will travel with you to the world of live fun and funny monsters.

Master Checkers

Master Checkers is an instant classic Kizi game for kids. It uses the Flash technology. Play this 2 player game now or enjoy the many other related games we have at Kizi.

Max Savior

Play Max Savior game on Kizi Land! Help Max save his girlfriend who was kidnapped by aliens. Search her on the spaceship and make sure bring her home safely.


Magoia is a free-to-play fantasy farming MMO game by games developer Kizi games Online. Explore the floating islands and grow all kinds of wonderful magical crops.

Fidget Spinner Pro

Fidget Spinner Pro is the most realistic spinner app, with 35 unique 3D modeled spinners and actual recorded spinning sounds!

Crazy Basketball

Play Crazy Basketball on your Mobile Phone or Tablet at Kizi! - Crazy Basketball Sports game Swipe the ball towards the hoop to score.

Adam and Eve 3

Adam And Eve 3 is a Puzzle game online at Kizi Land. You can play Adam And Eve 3 in full-screen mode in your browser for free without any annoying AD.

2 Play Tron 1.9

2 Play Tron 1.9 is an online multiplayer game at Choose a team and battle against your opponents in the 2 Play Tron 1.9 game. Enjoy!

Super Pineapple Pen 2

Play Super Pineapple Pen 2 on Kizi. Use the pen and poke the apple and other fruits in this fun arcade game based on the random internet sensation

Roll the ball

Play Roll The Ball 2 Online on Kizi Games Online. Finish all the 60 levels of Roll The Ball and still want more challenge like another 60 levels?

Flappy Wow

Play Flappy Wow on An innovation of the classic flappy game! Control a meme and dodge all the columns in Flappy Wow! Receive trophies by scoring high!


Play Kiziland online here at Lagged Games. Kiziland is one of our hand picked mobile strategy games that can be played on any device.

Baby Hazel Runner Dressup

Play Baby Hazel Runner Dressup on Kizi. Everybody can participate of street running competitions. Baby Hazel wants to look as a real runner, from head to toe, in this dress-up game.

Super Apple Pen 2

Super Apple Pen 2 - Pineapple versus pens. Who will win this unbelievable battle? The result can be decided by you, because you will be on the side of pens.