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Drive to Work Slacking

Drive To Work Slacking is a free girl game online at kizi 2020. You can play Drive To Work Slacking in full-screen mode in your browser without any annoying ads. Samantha is late for work! She has to complete her makeup and finish her breakfast on her way driving to the office. There are cars and trucks on the road. Please use your left and right directions keys to move your car and avoid a car crash. Otherwise the police will be after you! In addition, we also help players to join many new games similar to this journey like Santa Claus save the Christmas and Stud Rider. You will love them today.  Enjoy with

Santa Claus save the Christmas

Santa Claus save the Christmas is a Racing game on kizi games online. You can play Santa Claus save the Christmas in your browser for free. On his way to the children houses, Santa Claus lost some of the gifts from his sleigh.Now is constrained to go back and pick-up the gifts with his convertible car.Pay attention, the speed is increasing gradually and you must avoid the cars that are coming to you. If you are a big fan of platform games you will absolutely love this one. Grab your copy and join Santa Claus in this adventure; you will feel the Christmas Spirit right away. We have suggested players around the world how to play games and other games similar to this game like Stud Rider and Don't Hit Me. You will love that special world.  These are some of its key features: 81 levels to beat Lots of presents, items and enemies Smooth cartoon graphics and Christmas music Have fun at

Stud Rider

Play Stud Rider game online at Stud Rider is one of our hand picked racing games that can be played on any device. Stud Rider is a fun and cool game, the hills are very long. Sounds like a challenge. If you like to ride, do not miss this game! Ride through the hills and collecting fuel is on the way! Be careful not to fall down the steep slope of the road. I believe you will be the fastest man!  A biker named Stud bought a new bike. It is suitable for roads and for terrain. It is the second option that Stud wants to test. Come along with him on a two-wheeled adventure. Take a long trip and go as far as possible, but you need a petrol, naturally. Collect the canisters with life-giving fluid for your beauty. There is only a way forward. You will not come back again. So collect as many canisters as possible. Take a break from everything and go for a freedom ride. In addition, you can hardly miss how to participate in many other exciting new kizi games similar to Don't Hit Me and Car Vs Cops Online. Your world will be filled with the most special things.  Have fun.

Don't Hit Me

Dont Hit Me is a Racing game 2 play online at game kizi online. You can play Dont Hit Me in your browser for free. Riding around the city at high speed is a huge risk, but there are desperate brave souls who do not respect the rules. Our hero is just like that, but you will not give him any pressure to passers-by. Stop the car in front of pedestrian crossings so that citizens can safely move to the opposite side. You drive a luxurious car and drive on a street that often appears pedestrian. When you drive, be careful not to bump into any pedestrian. Otherwise, the game will end. Watch your car don't park on the zebra crossing. There are two buttons in the kizi game, one is deceleration, one is acceleration, and can be clicked with the mouse. Have fun with Don't Hit Me.  Related games: Car Vs Cops Online and Fastlane Road To Revenge Online Control: Use the mouse to play.

Car Vs Cops Online

Car Vs Cops Online is an online game that you can play on kizi Com for free. This is an agile casual game, the combination of left and right rotation to drift so that other vehicles can not get close to your car. You can avoid the pursuit vehicles from different directions, and test your adaptability very quickly. Let's try this kizi free game and show your wonderful performance.  An exciting chase game is going to start in Car Vs Cops Online! The police were invaded by a strange virus. They all regarded you as a prisoner, but you just passed by the police station on your way home. Now, it's time to show your drift skills. Rotating and Let the police cars get dizzy and crash! Recommend this sports game to playmates and give us reviews and feedback. Look for good games namely Fastlane Road To Revenge Online and Bumper Car Madness. Visit

Fastlane Road To Revenge Online

Fastlane Road To Revenge Online is a car shooting game. In the kizi game, you have the best driverless car. You're going to shoot the enemy and collect money. You are driving an unusual car, on the hood of which is reliably attached a fairly powerful cannon firing rockets. This is not for beauty, but an urgent need, because you intend to take revenge for the evil caused to you. This plan was carried for a long time, you prepared the car well, equipped it with means of protection and attack. On the previous race you were treated dishonorably, it's time to take revenge and show what you are capable of. Race along the road to Fastlane Road To Revenge Online, skirting the traveling traffic, not getting on mines, shooting those who do not want to give way. Your car is good, but there is no limit to perfection, so improve it as money appears. Use the money to upgrade your car and weapons. But you also have to avoid the enemy firing, once hit you, the game will be over. Do not miss other related games such as Bumper Car Madness and Extreme Drift 2 Have fun and good luck.   

Bumper Car Madness

Bumper Car Madness: Get in your bumper car and let the madness begin! - Bumper Car Madness is one of our selected Other Games. Play for Free! Take the wheel of a bumper car and go head to head against three other drivers competing for tokens. Just make sure to pay the fare for the next round.

Extreme Drift 2

Are you a racing fan? Do you want a crazy racing? Let's play Extreme Drift 2! It's a 3D racing game. Use the keyboard arrow to control your car, run as fast as you can. Win the champion to earn coins. You can use the money to buy a new car. There are many levels for you to unlock. Have fun!

Toy Car Simulator

You can explore the streets of this tiny town with tons of toy cars! Jump off ramps and collect coins while you blaze a few trails. Just do your best not to wreck them in this super sweet and super small racing game.

Car Simulator Arena

Do you want to drive crazily? Join in the driving kizi game Car Simulator Arena to show your car stunts. You can choose to roam mode or derby mode to play the kizi game. Drive skillfully to dodge other cars and try to challenge the obstacles in the arena.

Scrap Gl

Fasten your seatbelt and get ready for some awesome driving simulation video game. Drive a Ford Mustang and other sports cars in Scrap GL 2!

Ocean Drift Racing

Driving a speed boat is an exciting outdoor activity for water lovers everywhere. In this challenging racing game you can prove your skills at the Ocean Drift Racing. Drift your vessel around the liquid track in the shortest time and win to get the 1st place. Much fun!

Xpeed Unleashed

Free Xpeed Unleashed games for everybody! - Pick your pilot, rev your engines, and get ready for the intergalactic ride of your life! Here is a super cool racing kizi game Xpeed Unleashed for you to play. You can choose arcade, single mode or world challenge to play the game. Watch out the eletrical net and release the accelerate button to return the track. Race now!

Jet Ski Racing Challenge

Jet Ski Racing Challenge - click to play online kizi. Get ready for a new game called Jet Ski Racing Challenge will test your driving and racing skills on water. So if you are up for some adrenalin pumping waves then this is the perfect online jet ski racing games.

Happy Superman

Happy Superman is a 3D racing game kizi. The drivers are superman. Control your driver to have a race with other opponents. You can collect coins and use the pops to help you during the race. When you win the game, you can upgrade your drivers with your coins.

Angry Birds Race

Angry Birds Race is a Racing game on You can play Angry Birds Race in your browser for free. Angry Birds Race is a fun uphill racing kizi game that puts the Angry Birds against the Bad Piggies in a race to the finish line. Race and jump your way to victory and unlock many more levels!

Racing Circuit Fever

Are you a racing fan? Do you want a crazy racing? Let's play Racing Circuit Fever! It's a 3D racing game. Use the keyboard arrow to control your car, run as fast as you can. Win the champion to earn coins. You can use the money to buy a new car. There are many levels for you to unlock.

Traffic Slam 3

Welcome to this amazing 3D racing game on kizi! Build up speed and race as fast as you can when attempting to generate the maximum of damage. Use products to boost your crashing ability and pick up coins to shop upgrades for your car.

Russian Car Driver Hd

How is feeling driving a Russian car? You can find it in this game! Choose mode you like from drag racing, drifting, parking, rally and racing mode. It is more realistic! Complete all the levels and unlock all the achievements and finish first in every race!

Kizi Kart Racing

Play the latest game with the one and only Kizi in Kizi Kart Racing online game! Kizi Kart Racing is a racing game with the cute characters and fun tournaments. Not only will you be able to race in the best terrain, but you can also compete against your friends. Don't miss out the chance to play Kizi Kart Racing now!

Scrap Metal 3: Infernal Trap

You can explore the mountainsides or kick up tons of dust in the desert in this gorgeous 3D driving game: Scrap Metal 3: Infernal Trap free! Scrap Metal 3: Infernal Trap online is a new Kizi game for kids which has the most realistic map. If you enjoy cars games, Scrap Metal 3: Infernal Trap is the one for you!

Rich Cars 3

Start your engine for another thrilling game which takes place in a retro time. It's Rich Cars 3 - the third version! In Rich Cars 3 online, you will dive into a strange land filled with unusual items. Collect what you need to run away from the police cars in Kizi land! Will you be able to protect your Rich Cars 3?

Monsters' Wheels

Keep the steady hand on the Monsters' Wheels because you will need all the strength and the skills to win this Kizi game! Monsters' Wheel has the colorful graphics and lots of high-quality monster trucks. In Monsters' Wheel online, high speed and stunts are the most important elements. Will you be able to win the race?

Real Drift Car Racing

Kizi always brings the best games to spice up the kids' playtime! This time, drift and drive your car with styles in Real Drift Car Racing online game. Real Drift Car Racing has the realistic graphics which will capture the attention of all players. Real Drift Car Racing online is the perfect choice for cars lovers!

Tropical Delivery

Tropical Delivery is a new online game at Kizi games which requires the ability to control a huge truck and deliver the goods to the specified location. Tropical Delivery has the best graphics and many fun challenges as well. If you are confident of your driving ability, join Tropical Delivery free for a fun playtime!

Mall Dash

Mall Dash - a new racing game - is gaining the popularity nowadays. In Mall Dash free game, the tracks are carefully drawn and the races take place in many different locations in this big mall in Kizi land. Are you ready to take the car experience to the next level with the races in Mall Dash online game?

Paper Racer

Paper Racer is a new multiplayer game in Kizi's collection for kids. Other than the normal mode, you can also choose to go head to head against other players, design your own tracks and purchase different vehicles from the store in Paper Racer free game. Let's start exploring Paper Racer online game now!

Uphill Rush 6

Do you like to come to Kizi's waterpark? Just join our online game Uphill Rush 6 to enjoy the waterslide in the summer sun! Players in Uphill Rush 6 free will slide down the tubes while collecting cash and knocking other customers out of the way. Uphill Rush 6 will bring many memorable moments to your summer trip!

School Bus License

Control the large bus to deliver the kids to the school at School Bus License online game at Kizi land. School Bus License is the game for players who want to practice the driving skills with a bigger car. This game requires both the strength and the precise estimation. Come and play School Bus License free now!

Highway Bike Racing

Racing has never failed to keep us entertained, so don't hesitate to have some fun at Kizi land with this top trending game: Highway Bike Racing. Among the racing games, Highway Bike Racing online is outstanding for its cool parameters and features. Try out Highway Bike Racing free game for the adrenaline rush!

Mini Drifts

Have you ever tried driving in a circle? Is this extremely difficult or easy? Do you want to find out? Get into your car and find the answer with Mini Drifts game at Kizi right now! How long can you drive in a circle with Mini Drifts game online? It all depends on your driving skills.

Speed Racing Pro 2

With the latest racing games at Game kizi land, you will not forget the challenges of exploring Speed Racing Pro 2 game. Drive your car through the narrow path and complete the Speed Racing Pro 2. You can upgrade the racing cars with more luxury function at Speed Racing Pro 2 online. Drive your car on the new road today! Enjoy!

Highway Rider Extreme

Welcome to Highway Rider Extreme! It's one of the racing games at Kizi land online for free! Highway Rider Extreme online guarantees the insanely fun playtime and it will lift your spirit immediately. Show us your ability to hustle through the crowded traffic and gather coins in Highway Rider Extreme game for kids!

Escaped Bull

Start running and escape the dangerous location with Escaped Bull online game at free Kizi land this week! Escaped Bull is a running game in which you will get to run alongside the angry bull. Does this sound thrilling and interesting? If you like a little adrenaline rush, join the run at Escaped Bull free game now!

Lethal Race

Hit the road with maximum speed to win the Lethal Race against the best racers on the planet. Kizi land adds many new features to Lethal Race online to optimize the players' experiences and creates a fun playtime. If you are a speed enthusiast, why don't you try out Lethal Race free game now! Don't miss out the chance!

Earn To Die 2012

Hit the gas and drive through the scary zombies at Kizi land latest game: Earn To Die 2012. Earn To Die 2012 free game for kids is the latest version of the series and it has many great updates. If you like to experience a thrilling sensation and exciting game, Earn To Die 2012 online is the one for you!

Bike Trials: Wasteland

You are mad at speed, you want to test your driving skills in the tough race but you are afraid of danger. Bike Trials: Wasteland will be your best choice because it can satisfy your desire without harming to your body. It’s time to discover the interesting features of Bike Trials: Wasteland game at Kizi Games!

Madalin Cars Multiplayer

Have you ever driven a modern car in a racetrack full of challenges and obstacles? Jump into Madalin Cars Multiplayer and grab a chance to improve your driving skills in a beautiful landscape. Try out plenty of high-speed cars in Madalin Cars Multiplayer of Kizi land!

Moto X3m 4 Winter

People who are fond of the Moto X3m series game should not ignore the special version named Moto X3m 4 Winter. In this time, you will have a chance to take an exciting adventure in the area covered by ice. Control your two-wheel vehicle to reach the goal of Moto X3m 4 Winter at Kizi Land!

Atv Destroyer

Have you ever participated in a race with high speed yet? Jump into Atv Destroyer game at kizi games and challenge your racing ability. Don’t forget to pass through many challenging obstacles and become the best racer in Atv Destroyer game for free. Good luck!

Earn To Die 2 Exodus

Attention! Attention! Attention! You are in a dangerous area! Zombies attacked and surrounded the city in Earn To Die 2 Exodus at Kizi games. Hurry to move and escape from the wave of zombies of Earn To Die 2 Exodus online game. Time is running out! Go ahead!

King Of Drift

King of Drift is a high-speed action game. This racing game has only one rule: Drift as fast as you can! Control your car with arrow keys and press Z to use the handbrake. Are you the king of the speedway? Have a great time at gogy online 2018

Chic Bike Rider

This cute school girl is riding her bike to school to save money on gas and get some exercise. It's a such a good idea to get the blood pumping in the morning before you try to take a big exam. Plus, it gives you a chance to show off your chic style! Have fun at Kizi!

Police Cars Parking

If you have played and enjoyed Police Station parking that released in car games, you probably have been waiting for the next Police Car Parking game of the same series. It has come! Click the option Let's Drive for beginning missions. Watch out for other cars and drive with arrows to make a proper parking to the zone highlighted with an arrow in it.

Let's Park

Play the Kizi game Let's Park on your smartphone, pad or tablet directly without installation. Hey, let's park your car. No matter if backwards, frontwards or parallel, just avoid to exceed the crash limit of three times of your vehicle. So let's see how fast you can drive your vehicle into a parking spot.

Police Car Parking 2

Police Car Parking 2. A city is full of an action, policemen have full hands of work. They are going by car from one side to second to solve various cases. Just so so they park a car, they must go elsewhere. Help them in their work. Have fun.

New York Taxi License 3d

New York Taxi License 3D is here! If you loved the 2D version then you really are in for a treat, with all new levels, graphics and game play. Earning your license, really never has been so fun. Can you complete all 18 levels, on icy roads, stopping at red lights, taking tourists around the sites. Even driving backwards on an obstacle filled road?

Minecraft Mega Parking

In Minecraft Mega Parking you have to follow the direction arrows to reach your parking destination while collecting stars along the way. There are many levels waiting for you, and there are also different skill levels to complete. Good luck at Kizi!

Jet Ski Mario

Mario decided to ride a jet ski but his old enemies have decided to appear for the beach and spoil the fun of the mustachioed, leaving you to help you in a new and different adventure, controlling the jet ski and jumping obstacles. Have fun at Kizi Games

Space Punk Racer

Play Space Punk Racer and drive to the future! Play this free online car game on Kizi. Space Punk Racer is a futuristic racing game made by juegos Kizi. Setup a bike, race across 8 different tracks and fight off other drivers. Space Punk, are you ready?

Wheelie King

Wheelie King is the ultimate wheelie endurance game! Keep your balance and manage your pace as you aim to perform the longest wheelie of all time! Endure humps and drops as you struggle against gravity. One false move and you'll be crashing into the ground!

Candy Motocross Crash 2

If you aren't sweet enough than our game is the perfect one for you. If you are a girl and you're tired of boys game that are all over the world than I strongly suggest you to buckle up and play this Candy Motocross Crash 2. Have a great time at Kizi Land.

Girly Bike

Girly-girl bikes come is a wide variety of shapes and colors but only one can help you stand out of the crowd! Which one? Your brand new bike is your biggest love! You can go anywhere you want with it: visit your friends, your family and travel around Play online games and enjoy the Girly Bike game. This is going to be fun.

Manic Rider

Play Free Manic Rider Game Online on Kizi Land. In this Manic Rider Bike Game Get ready for manic rider, a crazy and super fast uphill bike game with some extreme levels to master. Make sure to practice a couple of times, the tracks are wicked but dangerous.

Cyclomaniacs 2

Play Cyclomaniacs 2 and other Cyclomaniac games kizi online at the number one fan site for the series. The Cyclomaniac series is a popular collection of browser based cycle racing games developed by Robot Jam and Long Animals.

Crazy Skater

Crazy Skater, You are the craziest skate rider out there! show it to the world by performing crazy stunts and jumping from platforms. Choose a board, collect money, show tricks and perform awesome stunts like Tony Hawk. Skater, are you crazy enough?

Neon World Biker

Neon Biker, This biker is about to take on one of the world's most challenging and futuristic race tracks. Can you keep him safe while he blasts along this neon-lit course and attempts to pull off some truly insane stunts in this intense racing game on Ki

Speed Demon - Bmx Racing

Speed Demon: Bmx Racing is a Racing game on Kizi. You can play Speed Demon: Bmx Racing in your browser for free. Pick your favourite bmx bike then go for a race. Get extra energy by doing stunts. Win the race to unlock next level and earn some money to up


Beat your opponents, jump through the hoops, perform stunts, and collect the stars! Arrow keys to ride your bike, spacebar to jump. Do you accept the challenge?

X Speed Race 2

X Speed Race 2 is a car racing game with cool 3D graphics on Kizi. There are many car models that you can choose from! Then, choose which mode you like to play in: test drive, race, or elimination. Every track is very challenging and so are the opponents.