Sports Games

Flicking Soccer

Flicking Soccer is an online HTML5 game presented by kizi, it's playable in browsers such as safari and chrome. You can play the game on smartphone and tablet (iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Android devices and Windows Phone). Are you a nostalgic of Subbuteo? Flicking Soccer is what you were looking for. select your team, score more goals than your opponent and win all the matches!  You’ve never played a soccer game quite like this one. Take control of the players on this tabletop field and see if you can flick the ball into the goal before time runs out. You can invite your friends to play together and compete to find out who is better. Many fun games are waiting for you at Check out Ultimate Boxing and Tiny Hawk Instructions  Click the arrow to begin the game. Click a flag to choose a team.  Kick the ball using your mouse. You select the player you want to kick with the mouse and then adjust the arrow to kick the ball. The arrow will give the direction and the amount of yellow that fills the arrow will determine how hard the ball is kicked.  Tip: You get three kicks per turn. Then the CPU gets a turn.  Tip: There is a limited amount of time. If you get the lead then try to make sure that the other team can't score.  Tip: If you can't make a goal by your third kick, try to make it hard on the CPU to score.  Tip: Your players are also defenders and can help block the opponent's kicks if in the right spot.  This game should work on all platforms including safari and mobile (we hope, but make no guarantees). 

Ultimate Boxing

Ultimate Boxing is an online HTML5 game presented by kizi land, it's playable in browsers such as safari and chrome. You can play the game on smartphone and tablet (iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Android devices and Windows Phone). Knock out your competitor in the ultimate boxing match! This sports fighting game lets you play as Ironfist or Dynamite. Each heavyweight fighter can throw jabs, hooks, and uppercuts in the ring. Put up your gloves to block incoming punches! Face your opponent in the ring in this exciting 3D game. In Ultimate Boxing awaits you a hard fight. Choose one of two glorious boxers and get in the ring. Prove your skills and always stay one step ahead of your opponent, avoid his fists and put him down to floor. So you will become the ultimate boxer.  Do you want to play a few more? Then check out some games like Tiny Hawk and Surfer Archers at Features Two realistic boxers to play with A complete boxing experience in which you can do different punches, including a jab and block the attacks Health and stamina bars Controls Left click to punch Drag left mouse button upside to do a jab Drag left mouse button right and left to do side punch

Tiny Hawk

Funny little skateboard game where you play as a kid trying to be Tony Hawk. Your job is to jump, Wall ride and grind your way through levels. Get your momentum up. Grind, ollie and walljump your way through 32 levels. You can also test your skill by going for medals on the levels. Each one has four medal levels, with the highest diamond level being very challenging, guaranteeing replay value for a long time. Tiny Hawk is a 2D platforming game on a skateboard from Polygon Toys. Use your skateboard to do kickflips, gind and wall jumps. Collect all gems to complete a level. Use left and right arrows to turn around and press arrow up to jump. Hold jump button to wall jump. Invite your friends and do not forget to share with them the fun of this game. If you like playing some other games like Surfer Archers and Penalty Fever 3D at You will have great moments of relaxation with friend. You are ready to play these games. Go it! Much fun with Tiny Hawk! Controls Up/W/Space: Jump/Ollie Left/A, Right/D: Switch directions Down/S: Drop down from a rail

Surfer Archers

Are they surfers or are they archers? They’re both, and in this cool and crazy action game, surf isn’t the only thing that’s up! Join the surfers while they take on some totally tubular monsters with awesome weapons like exploding arrows and more. Can you help them defeat these beachside beasts before they wipe out? Surfer Archers is a Skill game on Kizi. You can play Surfer Archers in your browser for free. Do you have bow shooting skills? Now you can see it in this game. If you hit the enemy in the head and legs, he will be killed and sent into the sea. If you're skilled, you can shoot a lot of people and get a lot of gold coins. In addition, we also help players play at to relax and comfort the most. Take your spare time to join new games and share exciting games with your friends. The joyful moments we recorded in new games like Penalty Fever 3D and Ping Pong. Have you started with your exciting adventure yet? Have fun and good luck.   

Penalty Fever 3D

Penalty Fever 3D, There's so many penalties that it's practically an epidemic. You know what to do though, right? Penalty Fever 3D World Cup is one of our selected Kizi Games. Score and save goals to win the World Cup trophy! You can play on any of 32 real teams. Choose your favorite country, and lead your teammates to victory. When playing on offense, you must aim carefully to score. Then, take turns blocking shots as the goalkeeper! It's time for some Penalty Fever, again! Guide your team to the World cup title in this frantic penalty shoot-out challenge. You will take shots, but you will also take a role of a goalkeeper. Timing and fast reflexes are crucial in both situations. Are you a fan of sport game? Don’t forget to rate and share the game. More similar awesome games are waiting for you at such as Ping Pong and Dunk Shot Online.  Have fun!

Ping Pong

Play Ping Pong on kizi online games - Bounce the ball as many times as you can. How long can you go? Are you a ping pong master? Ping Pong is an arcade game really need your reaction, if you can response quickly, you can get a high score. The speed of ping pong will become faster and faster, have fun! Tell playmates about this game of Asses Oks it highly and let us know how you feel about it. Search the same games Dunk Shot Online and Dunk Line Game Instruction use mouse or tap screen to drag.

Dunk Shot Online

Dunk Shot Online is an addiciting online basketball shooting game, your aim in this kizi land game is find a way to get highest score and be the winner! It doesn't mean you will get a better score if you shoot more balls into the basket, this really need some skills to get perfect points and bounce points. Dunk Shot is a fun addicting and really challenging basketball game by kizi. Your goal is to reach as high as possible throwing the ball from hoop to hoop without letting it fall down. Drag down the net for more power and set the right direction. For every hoop you will earn one point, if the ball falls down, your run will be over. Earn more points achieving perfect hoops, which means the ball doesn’t touch the rim, and even more for bouncing the ball on the walls. Collect stars to unlock new cool balls. We are glad to see your comments. Rate the game. Share it with your friends to invite them to play with you. Are you ready to play many marvelous games such as Dunk Line and American Football Challenge at Enjoy Dunk Shot Online! Game Instruction: Use mouse or tap screen to play

Dunk Line

Play Dunk Line game online at kizi free games. Dunk Line is one of our hand picked puzzle games that can be played on any device. Dunk Line is a basketball, drawing puzzle game, you need to draw a line to make the basketball fall into the basket. Think about the road before you draw or you will lose. You have only a few seconds to react, hurry up! New basketball hit is here! Draw a line and make the falling ball to score the basket! Time your drawings properly and avoid the bombs! Start drawing and dunk the balls! Find other awesome games such as American Football Challenge and Cliff Diving at . If you are addicted to our games, please rate them highly. We are really grateful for receiving your feedback. Share the game with close friends to have fun together. Here we go!

American Football Challenge

American Football Challenge is a Sports game on You can play American Football Challenge in your browser for free. American Football Challenge is a very cool sports game. Use the mouse to move your gloves to catch the ball thrown by the quarterback. Try to get a higher score five times. Play American Football Challenge, a cool sports game to take your football skills to the next level. Your goal is to catch the ball thrown by the quarterback. Use your mouse to control the receiver’s gloves and don’t let the ball fall or you will lose the point. Try to catch the ball 5 times to get the highest score and pass to the next level. It gets more challenging every time, so start warming up with the first matches and get ready for some serious stuff. Go and have fun with this game and a lot more such as Cliff Diving and Hockey Legends Enjoy American Football Challenge!  

Cliff Diving

Brave the crashing waves, jagged rocks, and staggering heights and go cliff diving! Dive from towering platforms into the turbulent sea below but be careful not to strike the cliff. Perform perfect dives, pikes, and somersaults to advance to higher and higher platforms. Combine tricks and reckless abandon to score bonus points and top the leaderboards! Turn on Expert Mode for additional challenge. Cliff Diving includes: ✓ Beautiful graphics! ✓ Universal app - looks amazing on phones and tablets. ✓ Fun pick-up-and-play gameplay. Easy to learn but hard to master. ✓ Forward and reverse dives and flips. ✓ Pike and tuck dive positions can be combined in a single dive for bonus points. ✓ Convincing and fun physics engine makes for unpredictable falls should you hit the rocks on the way down! ✓ Expert mode to wring out the highest scores for competitive players. ✓ Play the world - online leaderboards. ✓ Challenging and fun achievements. Even the ocean couldn't conquer Cathedral Rock. Can you? Please rate the game 5 stars and tell me your feelings of it. Share the game with your buddies to have fun and discover other related games like Hockey Legends and Pinch Hitter 2 at

Hockey Legends

Do you want to show the other players that you have the necessary qualifications to become one of the Hockey Legends in Kizi? If you do, Hockey Legends free game is the chance for you. In Hockey Legends online, you will join the one-on-one or two-on-two matches and claim the victory with your talents. Try it out now!

Pinch Hitter 2

Stand straight, swing your bat and hit the ball to score a home run in Pinch Hitter 2! Will you be qualified to become our main player in Kizi? Pinch Hitter 2 is the game for the baseball lovers who wish to upgrade their skills and have the enjoyable moment at the same time. Join Pinch Hitter 2 online game now!

Stick O Lympics

Prove that you are good at each and every game in the Stick-O-Lympics online game for the stickmen! Stick-O-Lympics free is one of the latest game in which the main characters are the adorable stickmen. They are competitive and all want to win the Stick-O-Lympics. Test your physical condition with this Kizi game now!

Goalkeeper Premier

The whole stadium's looking at you, goalie — as you're the last line of defense and the hope of the team in Goalkeeper Premier online game! Kizi brings you a new game in the sports genre to spice up your playtime. It's time you brought the glory to your team in Goalkeeper Premier. Are you ready to catch some balls?

Basketball Frvr

Come and play Basketball FRVR to showcase your talents and skills in basketball! Basketball FRVR online has the concept of a basketball hoop shooting game, which means it is simple to learn but brings a lot of fun. Basketball FRVR free is also a great choice for sports lovers. Invite your friends and play the game now!

Boomerang Sports

The game with the cutest characters and graphics is here at Kizi online! It's Boomerang Sports online game! Unlike the separated games, Boomerang Sports free provides the players with many choices to spice up their free time. If you like the cute characters from Cartoon Network, Boomerang Sports is a great choice as well.

Tennis Legends 2016

These legends in Kizi's game: Tennis Legends 2016 are the best on the tennis court with such great strength, amazing aiming ability and the great strategies for each and every opponent. Who is your favorite in Tennis Legends 2016? Come to play Tennis Legends 2016 free game to make the best of your playtime now!

Golfy Golf

Enjoy the most expensive hobby of yours without spending a penny in this online game in Kizi: Golfy Golf! You no longer have to spend money in the golf court expense. All you need to do is playing Golfy Golf online for the best playtime ever! Golfy Golf has the coolest graphics with a pixelated setting, try it out now!

Disco Bowling

Channel your inner dancer while playing bowling with Kizi's latest game: Disco Bowling online! Disco Bowling is the perfect choice for a lazy afternoon when you want to have some fun but don't have the energy to actually go to the game center. Play bowling with the funky music background in Disco Bowling for free now!

Stick Tennis

Hit the ball as far as you can to prevent the opponent to counter-serve it and win the game Stick Tennis at Kizi land! Stick Tennis online game brings lots of fun moment to the playtime thanks to its great design and cool features. Would you like to play a match of tennis? Join Stick Tennis for free now!

Halloween Basketball Legends

Nothing is more fun than playing a game of basketball while dressing up as a Halloween character in Halloween Basketball Legends online. In Halloween Basketball Legends, players get to experience such a unique game. We hope that Halloween Basketball Legends will spice up your playtime during this Haloween season!

Tap Tap Shots

Keep on tapping the screen to push the ball into the basket in Tap-Tap Shots online game at Kizi online games. Tap-Tap Shots free game has gained the attention and the love of many players and it's time you tried it out! Show us your skills and estimation ability by joining Tap-Tap Shots with your friends now!

Pet Sports

Guide your adorable pets to the finish line in this Pet Sports online game at online Kizi game! Prepare your pet for the tough competition and compete to claim the title of the best pet trainer! Once your pet is ready, let's enter Pet Sports free game. Pet Sports is such an adorable game, so gather your friends to play now!

Penalty Shooters

Bring the prize home by scoring the perfect penalty in Penalty Shooters online game by Kizi! Penalty Shooters free game is the perfect choice for the fan of the soccer who wants to get a training session without having to go to the actual field. Do you have some free time? If you do, try out Penalty Shooters now!

Swimming Pro

Swimming as a professional career is entirely different from the normal swimming in the summer. Let's start the training session for the tournament in Swimming Pro which is developed by Kizi. Swimming Pro online game is one of the best sports games online nowadays. Try out Swimming Pro free game now!


Let's join the training session online for free in Dunkers - Kizi's newest basketball game! Dunkers online game is not only for boys but also for adults who love this famous sports. Grab the chance to score as many dunks as possible and compete with your friends in Dunkers for free! Do you want to become the best?

Minecraft Badminton

You will not be able to find such a fun multiplayer game like Minecraft Badminton anywhere else. In this Kizi game, you get to play badminton while trying to win the tournament at Minecraft Badminton online. Minecraft Badminton free game also uses the blocky graphics. It's available for free at Kizi land now!

Football FRVR

Your goal in the FRVR Football game is to throw all the balls into the goal in front. If you do not have time to participate in all football games at Kizi Land, take part in the Football FRVR right now. The exact ball will bring you the highest score in this FRVR Football game. Discover this game with your friends!

Street Ball Jam

There are many games for sports lovers at Kizi land, and one of the latest ones is Street Ball Jam online game. In Street Ball Jam, players will take the role of a basketball player and score as many times as possible. Should you like to learn the basics of basketball, try out Street Ball Jam free game for the kids!

Euro Striker 2012

It's soccer time at Euro Striker 2012! Join the matches at Euro Striker 2012 game online to enhance your soccer skills and enjoy a fun playtime against some of the best players in the world. Euro Striker 2012 free game is waiting for you at Kizi game land, don't hesitate to invite your friends and start the game!

Stunt Dive

Play Stunt Dive - Kizi Online games. If you think that jumping from the edge to pool is the real diving then you are mistaken.

2 Player Billiard

Game 2 Player Billiard Kizi Games - 2 Player Billiard, (straight type of game). Play against your friends or just play around and have fun.

Freekick Training

Free Kick Training, Can you lead your nation to victory in over a dozen free kick ... earn lots of goals but also gather tons of stars too in this online soccer game.

Flip Master

Flip Master is a cool and addicting trampoline jumping game on Master the trampoline with Frontflips, Backflips, Gainers, Layouts. Kizi4school 2018: Jumps and Bounces on your backyard, gym or circus trampolines and train to be the Master of Trampoline! Control your character to make him land correctly on the trampoline and keep jumping performing awesome flips to increase your score. Also you should play Flip driving,  the hottest kizi game for kids today! Collect lots of coins to unlock new trampolines, characters, tricks and more cool stuff. Every run will end once you land on your head, so try to land on your feet or your back to keep on going and set the highest score possible at Kizi for school Games. VARIETY OF COOL LOCATIONS! Pick your location! A Backyard, Gym, a Competitive trampoline, Crazy Circus and Trampoline Park with multiple trampolines! SKILLS AND TRICKS TO UNLOCK! Unlock dangerous and spectacular skills! Backflips, Frontflips, Gainers and 10 more tricks at the palm of your hand! CRAZY POWER UPS! Power-up Frenzy! A huge amount of power-ups to choose from! Select the medicine ball or the Foam Cube and get the jumping party started! Even More - go to a gold rush with the Coin Rain power-up and much more! AMAZING CHARACTERS! Choose, upgrade and customize your characters. Jump as an athlete and reach amazing heights! Every character has their own unique physics! SHOW OFF YOUR BEST MOVES TO YOUR FRIENDS! Record your best moves and funniest falls! Show the World who dominates the Trampoline! Enjoy Flip Master & Kizi 2018 games in Controls: Mouse

Yepi Penalty Shootout

Yepi Penalty Shootout. Play Yepi penalty shootout on Yepi! Choose your favorite national team and get ready for the ultimate Yepi penalty championship!

Crazy Basketball

Play Crazy Basketball on your Mobile Phone or Tablet at Kizi! - Crazy Basketball Sports game Swipe the ball towards the hoop to score.

Ski Jump 2

Ski Jump 2, Become the best skier in this fun and challenging sports game, Ski Jump 2! Show the world that you've trained hard to be the best there is!

Boxing Live 2

Some people dedicated the whole life for sport, even for such kind of sport as boxing. Well, can dedicate some good time for the boxing in Boxing Live 2, but sure, you will feel what is boxing live really is.

Wrestle Jump

Wrestle Jump: Sumo Fever is an online action game that we hand picked for This is one of our favorite mobile action games that we have to play.

Soccer Heads

Heads Arena: Euro Soccer: Compete against big-headed soccer champions! It is one of our best Sports games at Online!

Soccer Physics

Soccer Physics: A game of soccer controlled with only one button! Use the up-key to control your whole team. First team to 5 points wins.

Pele Soccer Legend

Goal! In Pele Soccer Legend, scoring a goal is everything. This is no easy task however as you will have obstacles that you will have to pass in order to move on from level to level!

FCB Ultimate Rush

You love to play football games? FC Barcelona Ultimate Rush is an endless runner game featuring stars like Messi, Neymar, Picque, and Suarez.

Heads Arena: Euro Soccer

Play and experience the Euro Cup event in 1-on-1 or 2-vs-2 matches and tournaments. Heads arena: euro soccer is totally free and requires no registration!

Apple Shooter Mobile

Grab your bow and arrow, aim precisely and shoot firmly into the apple with Apple Shooter mobile at Kizi Land. Let’s see how many apples you can destroy!